Swan Song Fun Activities

Robert R. McCammon
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Swan's Song - Musical Selection

The title of the book, "Swan Song" is a play on words between Swan, the name of the protagonist, and the colloquial term "swan song," meaning the final acts of something that is about to end. Using Swan's story as inspiration, select a song that represents her journey through the post-blast world and her growth as a person. The selection could include segments from multiple songs. Prepare a short explanation of why you believe the themes or elements from the song correspond well to Swan's character development.

Tarot Reading - Activity

After Swan and Josh escape from PawPaw's shelter, they meet Leona Skelton, a famous seer, who performs a tarot card reading for Swan. Tarot cards are purported to be a type of divination, and in the context of the novel, can be taken as accurate predictors of the characters' fates. The tarot...

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