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Robert R. McCammon
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Essay Topic 1

Forgiveness is an essential component of the plot from the beginning of the novel through to the very end. It is a critical element of the goodness that Swan shares with the world and allows her to change people, to heal communities, and to triumph effortlessly over evil.

1) Explain how Swan demonstrates her capacity for forgiveness throughout the novel, citing specific examples.

2) Discuss the way that other characters perceive the act of forgiveness. What does Sister believe about forgiveness? How is her belief denied or confirmed in the plot?

3) What impact does forgiveness have on Friend? How does Swan use this, without exerting any effort, to defeat Friend at every encounter?

Essay Topic 2

In the post-blast setting, trust is extended rarely, but its effects are sometimes profoundly important. Due to the lawlessness and brutality of the world around them, few survivors can trust one another, but...

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