Swan Song Character Descriptions

Robert R. McCammon
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Swan, or Sue Wanda, Prescott

This character has extraordinary powers and eventually becomes a compassionate and charismatic leader.

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This faith-centered character slowly recovers from their madness over the course of the novel.

Josh Hutchins

This character receives and obeys a mysterious commandment to protect one of the other characters. This person is hurt by past relationships, but remains protective and loving.

Roland Croninger

This member of the Army of Excellence who shows pragmatism and great capacity for evil from a young age by killing both parents, among other atrocities.

Colonel Jimbo Macklin

This Vietnam veteran is scarred by his experiences and obeys the commands of a voice he calls "the Shadow Soldier."

The man who likes movies/Doyle Halland/the Welcome Man/Friend

This mysterious character embodies evil and causes suicides and murders.

Darleen Prescott

This character became pregnant at a young age...

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