Swan Song Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert R. McCammon
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Book One, Part One, Chapters 1-5

• The President puts the nation at Defcon 3 as he is forced to respond to Russian advances.

• Sister "Creep" is a homeless woman who preaches an apocalyptic religious viewpoint in New York City.

• Josh Hutchins fights a staged wrestling match. He is a former football player and is divorced from his wife.

• Swan is a spiritual and mature girl who appears to have extraordinary powers. After a fight with her lover, Swan's mother decides to leave, taking Swan to live with her grandfather.

• The Croninger family visits Earth House, a sophisticated fallout shelter that appears to have structural problems.

Book One, Part Two, Chapters 6-11

• "The man who likes movies" laughs during a grim film and uses mysterious powers to make the staff show the film for him again. He is anxiously waiting for a major destructive event.

• Sister Creep dreams of a...

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