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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Etrigan later blast through a skylight window?

2. What habit has Swamp Thing broken that is mentioned in Book Five?

3. What statue impales a man and kills him as predicted?

4. What is Raven's ability?

5. What does Matt often do while drunk and angry?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the final books, the boy Paul has an important role to play. How does Moore describe Paul's character? What does Paul contribute to the overall plot? Specifically use Book Seven to identify Paul's significance to Etrigan and Swamp Thing. How do these characters respond to Paul? What does Paul do at the end of Book Seven that echoes a scene in Book Four?

Essay Topic 2

In Book Four, Moore has an elderly gentleman try to save Abby with a chainsaw named "Evangeline." The Floronic Man explains that the chainsaw has been "canonized" into modern horror fiction. Why does Moore include the chainsaw? What does Moore achieve by having the Floronic Man identify the canonization of a horror icon? What is the symbolic nature of the name "Evangeline"? Using Book Four as context, explain how Moore develops his story using allusions.

Essay Topic 3

Since the artist controls the orientation of the reader/viewer's perspective, the artist functions somewhat like a director of the comic. Moore uses sensory detail to grip the reader. When presenting Paul's memory of the Monkey King, Moore uses several sensory details to depict horror. Identify three of these sensory details and explain how they intensify Paul's memory and engage the audience in his horrific past.

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