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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Moore begin Book Six?

2. Who does the Floronic Man choose to attack after his fight with Swamp Thing?

3. What does Matt often do while drunk and angry?

4. What is one of Moore's postmodern nods in the book?

5. What is Raven's ability?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the introduction by Alan Moore, Moore explains that he included Swamp Thing in the DC Universe. Using three examples from Swamp Thing, express what problems Moore may have encountered and how he chose to resolve these issues.

Essay Topic 2

Even though Swamp Thing is purely plant, Book Three seems to suggest that Swamp Thing has a vestige of humanity in his consciousness. How does Moore develop the idea that Swamp Thing possesses a type of humanity? How does Moore define humanity, if Swamp Thing, a purely golem creature is able to possess a sense of humanness? Using evidence from Book Three, explain humanity as Moore defines it.

Essay Topic 3

In Book Two, Swamp Thing is depicted as grown into the swamp with water filling up his eye sockets. Moore uses water to illustrate a significant point about Swamp Thing's consciousness, as well as developing an important plot point. Address the symbolic use of water in Book Two and develop three examples that explain how Moore visually and verbally presents the mental and physical state of Swamp Thing.

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