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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Floronic Man call the Swamp Thing after offering him a gift?

2. What does the Justice League watch the Floronic Man do at the beginning of Book Four?

3. What does Jason Blood do while in Baton Rouge?

4. What does Matt do while Abby's not around during Book Five?

5. How does the quote begin that Moore uses at the beginning of Book Six?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Book Two presents Swamp Thing and the Floronic Man as foils of each other. Define foil as it is used in Swamp Thing, then describe the historic use of foils in fiction. Finally, using the book as primary evidence, argue whether or not Swamp Thing and the Floronic Man are ideal foils of each other.

Essay Topic 2

In Book One, Jason Woodrue is revealed to be the Floronic Man. How is the character drawn and written to reveal dual expressions of the same personality? How does the audience perceive Jason Woodrue? How does the audience perceive the Floronic Man? Using three supporting evidences from Book One, explain how Moore depicts the visual, verbal, and aural characteristics of this one character with dual selves.

Essay Topic 3

Abby Arcane's relationship with Matt Cable is very volatile. How does Moore characterize and develop the relationship between Abby and Matt? What seems to draw them together or pull them apart? How is their relationship important to the overall themes of Swamp Thing? Support your argument with at least two logical examples.

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