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Short Answer Questions

1. What is overtaken by earth's plant consciousness?

2. What small town does the Floronic Man enter in Book Three?

3. What gradually covers the old man?

4. What have Swamp Thing's eye sockets and mouth area filled up with in the beginning of Book Two?

5. What does Campbell say the original character of Swamp Thing re-emerges as?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it strange that Matt drives Abby back home in the last scene of Book Seven?

2. What type of state does the Floronic Man put Lacroix's plants in during Book Three and why?

3. What literary allusion is Book One distinctly modeled after?

4. What does the Floronic Man declare will happen during his "green millennium"?

5. Who does Swamp Thing fight in Book Seven?

6. How does Book One open?

7. Why couldn't anyone in the Justice League save the earth from the Floronic Man's scheme?

8. Who shrinks the Monkey King down in size and how?

9. How is Swamp Thing's overgrown state in the swamp explained by Woodrue?

10. How does Moore employ dramatic irony in Book Six?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Even though Swamp Thing is purely plant, Book Three seems to suggest that Swamp Thing has a vestige of humanity in his consciousness. How does Moore develop the idea that Swamp Thing possesses a type of humanity? How does Moore define humanity, if Swamp Thing, a purely golem creature is able to possess a sense of humanness? Using evidence from Book Three, explain humanity as Moore defines it.

Essay Topic 2

Moore explains that one key difference in comic book horror is the duration. Answer the following question: How does duration affect comic books, and specifically, comic books that deal with horror iconography? Use one of your own supporting ideas to back up your statement, and at least two examples from Swamp Thing.

Essay Topic 3

In the introduction by Alan Moore, Moore discusses horror iconography. How does Moore define the tension between real-life horror and horror fiction? Describe the horror iconography of the 1980s. Use three examples from Swamp Thing that depict or allude to horror icons of the 1980s.

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