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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Woodrue made of?

2. What was the original story of Swamp Thing about?

3. What did the man arrange with Woodrue in exchange for performing an autopsy/dissection of Swamp Thing?

4. What happens after the Floronic Man orders the young boy to record?

5. What does Campbell believe about Moore's work on Swamp Thing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name three devices Alan Moore employs that make him a good storyteller according to Ramsey Campbell.

2. What does the Floronic Man telepathically order to happen to the buildings in Lacroix?

3. Who fetches "Evangeline" and why?

4. What is the second ominous warning Jason Blood issues in Book Five to a second man?

5. Why does Matt summon demons and monsters in Book Five when Abby is not around?

6. How does The Monkey King operate?

7. What reason does Moore use to explain why horror became so popular in the 1980s?

8. Name two elements of the symbolism behind the inclusion of "Evangeline" in Swamp Thing.

9. How does Book One open?

10. What does a police officer do after he watches Anslinger's tape?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Book Four, Moore has an elderly gentleman try to save Abby with a chainsaw named "Evangeline." The Floronic Man explains that the chainsaw has been "canonized" into modern horror fiction. Why does Moore include the chainsaw? What does Moore achieve by having the Floronic Man identify the canonization of a horror icon? What is the symbolic nature of the name "Evangeline"? Using Book Four as context, explain how Moore develops his story using allusions.

Essay Topic 2

Even though Swamp Thing is purely plant, Book Three seems to suggest that Swamp Thing has a vestige of humanity in his consciousness. How does Moore develop the idea that Swamp Thing possesses a type of humanity? How does Moore define humanity, if Swamp Thing, a purely golem creature is able to possess a sense of humanness? Using evidence from Book Three, explain humanity as Moore defines it.

Essay Topic 3

Abby Arcane's relationship with Matt Cable is very volatile. How does Moore characterize and develop the relationship between Abby and Matt? What seems to draw them together or pull them apart? How is their relationship important to the overall themes of Swamp Thing? Support your argument with at least two logical examples.

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