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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12 The Diary pp. 217-229..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Matt Harrison?
(a) Katie's brother.
(b) Katie's former lover.
(c) Gail's husband.
(d) Suzanne's brother.

2. What did Katie do on July 18th?
(a) Went to the doctor's.
(b) Cooked Matt a special dinner.
(c) Quit her job.
(d) Celebrated her mother's birthday.

3. What does Katie remember about one night when she and Matt were together?
(a) He had sleep walked.
(b) He had awakened crying.
(c) He had screamed out in his sleep.
(d) He had said Suzanne's name over and over in his sleep.

4. Why had Katie not gone to work after talking to Matt one day?
(a) He wanted her to go away with him.
(b) She wanted to start planning her wedding.
(c) She was too happy.
(d) She was too upset.

5. What time does Katie arrive home?
(a) 11 pm.
(b) 6 am.
(c) 1 am.
(d) 3 am.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what is Suzanne's work ball made?

2. Whose name is on the binding of the book Katie finds?

3. Who is Michael Bernstein?

4. Who does Katie finally call?

5. What milestone comes?

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