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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12 The Diary pp. 217-229..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Matt tell Katie on the night of July 18?
(a) That he was leaving and would not be back.
(b) That he was dying.
(c) That he had a son and daughter.
(d) That he was going to Europe for a few weeks.

2. How does Suzanne know about the place where she moves?
(a) She spent her honeymoon there.
(b) Her sister lives there.
(c) Her grandmother lived there.
(d) She spent summers there while growing up.

3. What does Katie do for her friends Phil and Lynn?
(a) Helps them write a birth poem for their new baby.
(b) Buy them a dinner at a posh restaurant.
(c) Gives them a referral to an editor.
(d) Babysits to give them a night out.

4. What does Katie do when she takes a break from reading?
(a) Cuddles Guinevere.
(b) Soaks in the tub.
(c) Calls her mom.
(d) Calls Matthew.

5. What delights Nicky that the three do later that day?
(a) Swimming in the kid's fountain at the park.
(b) Feeding the ducks at the park.
(c) Riding the carousel.
(d) Going down the big slide into the kiddie pond.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Suzanne and Matt go to his house after going to a blues club?

2. What does Katie think about as she is musing about what she's read so far?

3. Where do Matt and Katie go after working until noon?

4. What does Katie remember about the night she and Matt made the baby?

5. What antique does Matt give Suzanne?

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