Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas Character Descriptions

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Katie Wilkinson

The reader of the diary and the woman in love with Matt.

Suzanne Bedford Harrison

The writer of the diary.

Matt Wolfe

Someone Suzanne had met on the island years ago.


A black Labrador that belongs to Katie.


A gray Persian cat that belongs to Katie.

Matthew Harrison

He is presented as the perfect male.

Melanie Bone

Suzanne's next door neighbor.

Jean Harrison

She can also do anything in a house and is the one who taught Matt to be a handy man.

Dr. Constance Cotter

The doctor who takes care of Suzanne on the island.

Dr. Gail Davis

Suzanne's cardiologist.

Dr. Albert Sassoon

Katie's gynecologist.

Susan Kingsolver

A grade school teacher who Katie met in the Hamptons one summer.

Laurie Raleigh

She goes to the doctor with Katie and Susan.

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