Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Section 1 Katie pp. 3-12.

• Katie sits in a tub with a leather bound diary written by Suzanne to Nicholas. Her cat and dog watch her read.

• Katie sobs thinking of Suzanne, Nicholas and Matt, Suzanne's husband and Katie's former lover.

• The morning she received the diary she thought the love between her and Matt was perfect.

• In June he had sent her a red rose every day. She thought he was going to propose but he left her.

• The day he left she did not go to work. She could not face the people.
• When she received the diary, she knew Suzanne was his wife but knew nothing about her.

• There is a note inside saying if she can read the diary she might understand. He says he did not mean to love her.

Section 2 The Diary pp. 15-44.

• Suzanne writes the diary in first person, and tells...

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