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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the caseworker come to meet Tender?

2. Before Tender is sent out to work, who tells him about the "real world"?

3. What do a lot of the Creedish Church members have issues with, including Tender?

4. What happened after the FBI started to investigate the Creedish Church?

5. What flight did the main character hijack?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the caseworker usually ask Tender about, and how does he respond?

2. Why is Adam allowed to get married while Tender is sent out into the world to work?

3. Why does Tender steal the flowers from the cemetery and what does he say he is doing with them when people ask?

4. What does Fertility Hollis ask Tender when she calls his suicide hotline, and what reasons does she give for thinking that it is a good time for her to commit suicide?

5. How does Tender feel about being diagnosed with illnesses by his caseworker and why?

6. How does Tender feel as he realizes he is the last remaining survivor of the Creedish Church?

7. Who does Tender encounter while on the bus with Fertility? How does he react and what comment does Fertility make about the encounter later?

8. How does Tender come to receive calls intended for a suicide prevention hotline and why does he continue to take them?

9. Why does Tender have a caseworker?

10. What is Tender's strategy for his first "date" with Fertility and a possible relationship with her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the Creedish Church using details from the novel. How does the name structure of the Creedish work? Who is allowed to get married and what happens to everyone else? What did the Creedish elders do the young children who would be sent out to work and why? Why did the Creedish commit suicide, and what were the circumstances that led to this?

Essay Topic 2

Tender seems to be lacking self-esteem throughout the novel, and he never really has much of his own life. Tender becomes a sort of puppet for the people in his life who manipulate him and use him for their own purposes. Who in the novel does Tender seem to be a "puppet" for? How is he treated by the people in his life, from his employers to Fertility to the agent to the Creedish Church? What effect does this have on this character?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the character of Tender Branson, the main character in the novel. Include Tender's biographical details and a description of his personality. Consider the following questions: What is Tender's problem with personal relationships? How does Tender's childhood affect him? Why didn't Tender commit suicide when the other members of the Creedish Church did? How does Tender interact with the people he encounters in his life?

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