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Short Answer Questions

1. How do Fertility and Tender travel to the location of their third date?

2. What does Tender get the night before he is to go out into the real world?

3. What does the pilot of the hijacked plane tell Tender will stay on until the plane crashes?

4. Where does Tender discover his caseworker dead?

5. What does Fertility Hollis ask Tender when she calls his suicide hotline?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the caseworker usually ask Tender about, and how does he respond?

2. Why does Tender have a caseworker?

3. What is the discussion between Tender and his caseworker after he believes he has taken a call from the killer of the Creedish survivors? Why does she tell him not to worry?

4. What is the exchange between the pilot and Tender Branson before the pilot leaves the hijacked plane?

5. Who is Trevor Hollis and what happens between Trevor and Tender Branson?

6. What was done to inspire the tenders and the biddies to get "perfect" before they left for the real world? What does Tender say about this?

7. What do Fertility and Tender do on their third date after they get off of the bus?

8. How does Tender come to receive calls intended for a suicide prevention hotline and why does he continue to take them?

9. How does Tender feel about Fertility's dreams and what is her response to him?

10. Explain the relationship between Fertility and Tender in chapter 36. What are the differences between Fertility's impressions of the Tender she sees in person and the Tender she speaks to on the phone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Themes are a vital part of the complete package of a novel, presenting unifying and recurrent ideas that tie a novel together and give the it meaning. The novel "Survivor" hits on many important themes. Discuss some of the themes of the novel including religion, loyalty, perception, and the relationship between power and sex.

Essay Topic 2

Tender and Adam are twin brothers, but they are also seemingly opposites. Describe the relationship between Tender and Adam. What are the similarities and differences between Tender and Adam? What accounts for the similarities? The differences? Describe how these characters interact.

Essay Topic 3

Do any of the events in "Survivor" echo real life situations in America? How is the American fascination with the Creedish Church in the novel similar with our views and thoughts about real life cults and religious sects in America? Is the author making a statement about American views of religion in "Survivor"? Explain.

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