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The Deliverance

This is the event that would take place when the Creedish faithful felt that God was calling them.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This is the place where the Super Bowl is held.

The Creedish Church District

This place, located in Nebraska, is where the main character spent his childhood.

New York

This is the place where the main character is turned into a religious superstar.

Flight 2039

This is hijacked by the main character while on its way to Australia.

The Genesis Campaign

This plan involves finding a bride for the main character and having the two marry at the Super Bowl.

The Book of Very Common Prayer

This object, published by the main character's media group, is something that the main character denies having anything to do with.

The PornFill

This is the site of the Creedish land where people can discard their adult materials, no questions...

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