Survivor Character Descriptions

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Tender Branson

This character, the main character of the novel, is the last survivor of the Creedish Church and becomes a famous church leader.

Fertility Hollis

This character has dreams that predict the future and meets the main character in a cemetery.

Adam Branson

This character is a member of the Creedish Church. After witnessing some behavior of the Church elders, this character calls the FBI on the Creedish.

Trevor Hollis

This character mistakenly calls the main character instead of a suicide prevention hotline and commits suicide while they are on the phone together.

The agent

This character is responsible for turning the main character into a religious superstar.

The caseworker

This character tries to help the main character but is killed after inhaling a deadly mix of ammonia and bleach. The main character is blamed for the murder.

The employers

These characters depend on the main character...

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