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Chapters 47 & 46

• The main character, Tender Branson, is introduced as he is voicing his life story into the voice recorder of the plane he has hijacked.

• Tender explains that the passengers have deplaned and the pilot has parachuted out of the plane after giving him flying instructions.

• Tender is going to tell his story while the plane runs out of fuel, ultimately crashing and killing him.
• Tender receives calls from people trying to reach a suicide hotline and likes deciding whether these people will live or die.

• Tender receives a call from Trevor Hollis, who says he can't stand knowing the future. Tender tells him to kill himself, and Trevor shoots himself while still on the phone with Tender. Soon afterward, Tender looks for Trevor's obituary in the paper.

Chapters 45 & 44

• Tender talks about his last night in the Creedish community, describing how his brother, Adam, was cutting his hair...

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