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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator is searching for
(a) Her mother's ghost.
(b) A gift her mother might have left her.
(c) A book her mother left behind.
(d) Her mother's diary.

2. The narrator describes Anna as
(a) An imitation of an imitation woman.
(b) A shell of a woman.
(c) A whore.
(d) Moody.

3. What object does the narrator search for without success before leaving the cabin?
(a) Her mother's camera.
(b) Her father's maps.
(c) Her mother's leather jacket.
(d) Her father's camera.

4. The narrator is afraid of doors because
(a) She is afraid of wood.
(b) She feels they keep nature out.
(c) She cannot see through them.
(d) She always walks into them.

5. The narrator hallucinates that her body and the trees
(a) Have grown together.
(b) Have turned to stone.
(c) Have turned against one another.
(d) Have become transparent and "melt."

Short Answer Questions

1. What new rule does the narrator perceive for herself?

2. The narrator perceives David's announcement to be

3. The next morning the narrator begins to feel

4. The narrator feels the misunderstood face what two possibilities?

5. As the narrator considers her predicament, she decides that perhaps the searchers

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