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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The rules are over because
(a) The searchers have ruined her lair.
(b) The narrator cannot remember them.
(c) The narrator's parents have returned to the earth.
(d) The narrator wants to go home.

2. What reason does the narrator give Joe for refusing to sleep with him?
(a) She says she will get pregnant.
(b) She says she knows he slept with Anna.
(c) She says she does not love him.
(d) She says she is working out her problems alone.

3. The narrator perceives David's announcement to be
(a) Truthful.
(b) An attempt to lure her down to the lake.
(c) A test.
(d) A lie.

4. The narrator is bothered by city toilets because
(a) The have nothing to do with nature.
(b) They made things vanish, and she worries they will make her vanish.
(c) She is afraid of disease.
(d) They are hard and uncomfortable.

5. David approaches the narrator because
(a) He is worried that Anna will leave him.
(b) He cannot find Joe.
(c) He hears a motorboat approaching.
(d) He wants to have sex with her.

6. According to the new rules
(a) All meat is forbidden.
(b) All enclosed spaces are forbidden.
(c) All human contact is forbidden.
(d) All plants are forbidden.

7. When the narrator surveys the damage to the cabin
(a) She decides she must stay and fix it up again.
(b) She cannot remember how it happened.
(c) She believes the searchers caused it.
(d) She blames it on her animal side.

8. In the morning Anna assumes
(a) The narrator has accepted her father's death.
(b) The narrator and Joe have gotten back together.
(c) The narrator wants them all to leave.
(d) The narrator and Joe have run off together.

9. What is David trying to convince Anna to do?
(a) Skinny-dip with him.
(b) Pose naked for his movie camera.
(c) Go fishing with him.
(d) Leave the island together.

10. As the narrator gardens, she finally
(a) Cries over the death of her parents.
(b) Eats the overgrown vegetables.
(c) Decides to search for her father's body.
(d) Finds the gift her parents left for her.

11. The narrator awakes to the sound of
(a) Joe standing above her.
(b) Voices in the woods.
(c) Her father's presence.
(d) A motorboat approaching.

12. David reveals that Anna
(a) Has never loved him.
(b) Had sex with Joe.
(c) Has told him the narrator's secrets.
(d) Will not sleep with him anymore.

13. The narrator leaves her droppings behind and sleeps in a den because
(a) She cannot remember what humans do anymore.
(b) That is what she has always done in the woods.
(c) That is what her parents have asked of her.
(d) That is what animals do.

14. The narrator feels the misunderstood face what two possibilities?
(a) They will be forced to learn a new language.
(b) They will be forced to conform to others' ideas of normal.
(c) They will be forced to explain themselves.
(d) They will either end up in the hospital or the zoo.

15. The next morning the narrator begins to feel
(a) Her parents have come into the cabin.
(b) Her powers are leaving her again.
(c) Her powers have changed and established new rules for her.
(d) That she cannot stay on the island any longer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Joe confesses that he slept with Anna, but says

2. The narrator wishes

3. What does the narrator refuse to do for David?

4. After her experience in the water, the narrator feels

5. What object does the narrator search for without success before leaving the cabin?

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