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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the chapter Anna describes the narrator as
(a) Inhuman.
(b) A goody two-shoes.
(c) Ugly.
(d) Animal.

2. Joe confesses that he slept with Anna, but says
(a) He and the narrator were on a break.
(b) It meant nothing to him.
(c) He only did it because the narrator slept with David.
(d) He was not sure if he loved the narrator at the time.

3. The footprints the narrator thought belonged to her father
(a) Were actually her mother's.
(b) Belonged to one of the searchers.
(c) Belonged to a wild animal.
(d) Were actually her own.

4. The narrator brings one blanket with her because
(a) She needs it for camouflage.
(b) She is afraid to be naked outside.
(c) She will need it for warmth until her fur grows.
(d) She will make a tent out of it.

5. The narrator finally recovers the memory of
(a) Her wedding day.
(b) Having an abortion.
(c) Being born.
(d) Finding her drowned brother.

6. Anna hides her face from David because
(a) She is angry at David.
(b) She is sunburned.
(c) She has forgotten her sunscreen.
(d) She has forgotten her make-up.

7. What does the narrator believe has happened to her country?
(a) The narrator believes her country has become more natural.
(b) The narrator believes her country has kept its principles.
(c) The narrator believes her country has sold out to whoever gets elected.
(d) The narrator believes her country has prepared itself for war.

8. The narrator fears touching Joe in his sleep because
(a) He will be angry if she touches him.
(b) He does not like to be touched by anyone.
(c) He sometimes reacts violently to her touch.
(d) He might run away.

9. The next morning the narrator begins to feel
(a) That she cannot stay on the island any longer.
(b) Her powers are leaving her again.
(c) Her parents have come into the cabin.
(d) Her powers have changed and established new rules for her.

10. David and Anna joke about
(a) Filming the narrator escaping in a canoe.
(b) Filming David and Joe having sex with the narrator.
(c) Filming David and Joe fighting.
(d) Filming the narrator diving.

11. At night the narrator
(a) Faces the fact that her father is dead.
(b) Pretends she is asleep when Joe comes in.
(c) Lures Joe outside with her.
(d) Tries to leave the cabin unnoticed.

12. Anna confesses
(a) That sometimes she thinks David wants a divorce.
(b) That she has never loved David.
(c) That she still loves David.
(d) That she is leaving David when they return.

13. The searchers hear the narrator when she
(a) Begins to run through the forest.
(b) Cannot hold back her laughter.
(c) Starts up their motorboat.
(d) Calls out to be left alone.

14. The rules are over because
(a) The narrator's parents have returned to the earth.
(b) The narrator wants to go home.
(c) The narrator cannot remember them.
(d) The searchers have ruined her lair.

15. What is causing the narrator physical pain?
(a) She is suffering from hunger cramps.
(b) She has the flu.
(c) She has food poisoning.
(d) She is having a migraine headache.

Short Answer Questions

1. What new rule does the narrator perceive for herself?

2. Reflecting on David, the narrator feels

3. The narrator cleanses herself of her human skin by

4. The narrator believes her child will be

5. As the narrator gardens, she finally

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