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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The description of the tourists who visit the town implies
(a) The narrator feels hatred and hostility toward them.
(b) The narrator is indifferent to their presence.
(c) The narrator feels they are imposters.
(d) The narrator appreciates their contribution to the town.

2. The narrator's attitude toward pain--if it hurts invent a different pain--indicates
(a) She is currently looking for a diversion from pain in her life.
(b) She is a masochist.
(c) She is confrontational when dealing with pain.
(d) She is unable to deal with any pain.

3. The narrator believes her father
(a) Has died out on the lake.
(b) Will be furious with her for staying away so long.
(c) Does not want to be found.
(d) Will be waiting for her when she arrives.

4. The narrator's father preferred animals to people because
(a) They were guided by nature.
(b) They could survive in the wild.
(c) They did not speak.
(d) They behaved rationally and predictably.

5. The narrator compares Anna's cries to
(a) A cry for help from God.
(b) The sounds of the woodland animals.
(c) An animal's when caught in a trap.
(d) The cries of the heron.

6. Who arrives on the island at the start of the chapter?
(a) Paul and the narrator's father.
(b) Paul and Evans.
(c) Paul and his wife.
(d) Paul and Bill Malmstrom.

7. The men take turns taking footage of the wood they have chopped rather than letting the women film them because
(a) They can not wait for the women to finish their gardening.
(b) They do not want the women to know what they are filming.
(c) They only want males to appear in the film.
(d) They are afraid the women will break the camera.

8. What question does the narrator recall asking her husband on their wedding day?
(a) Aren't I good enough for you?
(b) Do you feel better?
(c) Why are you doing this to me?
(d) Why can't we just go on like before?

9. Because Anna is angry with him, David comments on
(a) The narrator's behind.
(b) Anna's flab.
(c) Anna's make-up.
(d) Joe's refusal to talk.

10. David slips in and out of "a yokel dialect," which implies
(a) He has contempt for the town and the people.
(b) He does not know they speak French in Canada.
(c) He came from the country originally.
(d) His identity is flexible as well.

11. Reviewing her father's papers, the narrator discovers
(a) Her father had been trying to publish an article.
(b) Her father had been sending insane letters to scientists.
(c) Her father had begun a career as an artist.
(d) Her father had been searching out cave paintings.

12. David blames the changes in the town and the negative outcomes on
(a) Americans and capitalism.
(b) Changing values.
(c) Changing times.
(d) Fascism.

13. The narrator takes her guests to visit what local oddity?
(a) The fountain.
(b) The motel.
(c) The bottle house.
(d) The teepee.

14. At the end of the chapter the narrator reveals the attitude that
(a) She wants to be in a good marriage.
(b) She prefers to tell people her feelings.
(c) She prefers to let others take care of their own problems.
(d) She believes she is her brother's keeper.

15. At the gas station, the narrator is embarrassed when her friends
(a) Take what they want without buying anything.
(b) Take pictures of the locals without asking.
(c) Use curse words in front of the locals.
(d) Admire the moose dressed as people.

Short Answer Questions

1. None of the others ask the narrator where she is going or what she is doing, which suggests

2. The narrator believes that her childhood made her

3. The narrator finally tells Anna

4. The narrator decides that everything she values about Joe is

5. What information does Anna share with the narrator?

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