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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who interrupts the narrator in the outhouse and why?
(a) Paul, with news about her father.
(b) Joe, insisting that they talk about their relationship.
(c) David, telling her she must be caught.
(d) Anna, asking her if she is okay.

2. What does the narrator feel is her first mistake during her visit to the store?
(a) She asks about the old priest, who is dead.
(b) She tries to speak French, but has a discernable accent.
(c) She assumes the speak English, and they do not.
(d) She asks for Canadian bacon, proving she is American.

3. In the flashback about her mother, the narrator reveals
(a) That nothing can keep children safe.
(b) That bears were threatening the island.
(c) That her mother was too afraid to protect her children.
(d) That her mother was afraid of the bear, but did not show it when she protected her children.

4. What were the subjects of the narrator's drawings in her scrapbooks?
(a) Woodland animals.
(b) Cave paintings.
(c) Women and Easter eggs.
(d) Birds.

5. At the start of the chapter, the narrator resolves
(a) That she will marry Joe if he asks her.
(b) That she must keep looking for her father no matter what.
(c) That she has to leave the island immediately.
(d) That she has done all she can, and no one can expect more from her.

6. After reviewing her father's papers, the narrator decides
(a) Her father had been an artist too.
(b) Her father had gone insane.
(c) Her father had been hired to write another report.
(d) Her father had some secret purpose she must discover.

7. The narrator believes she is a successful children's book illustrator because
(a) She is a savvy businesswoman.
(b) She knows what children like.
(c) She has her own personal style.
(d) She can imitate anything a publisher wants.

8. Reviewing her father's papers, the narrator discovers
(a) Her father had been searching out cave paintings.
(b) Her father had been trying to publish an article.
(c) Her father had been sending insane letters to scientists.
(d) Her father had begun a career as an artist.

9. David wants to stay on the island
(a) To do some fishing.
(b) To be alone with the narrator.
(c) To escape his responsibilities.
(d) To find the narrator's father.

10. The narrator has to ask for directions because
(a) She can't remember where she lived.
(b) They have arrived in the wrong town.
(c) The area has changed since she visited last.
(d) All the new roads have confused her.

11. What happens between the narrator and Joe while picking blueberries?
(a) The narrator tells Joe she is returning to her husband.
(b) The narrator tells Joe she is in love with someone else.
(c) Joe proposes and the narrator refuses.
(d) Joe breaks up with the narrator.

12. In the morning, the narrator and Joe discuss
(a) David and Anna's marriage.
(b) The narrator's desire to have a child.
(c) Who will move out of their shared apartment.
(d) The date they will set for their wedding.

13. The narrator's insistence that does not know the right languages or dialects supports the idea that
(a) She was isolated from French speakers as a child.
(b) She struggles to interpret foreigners.
(c) She has never been a good student.
(d) She struggles to communicate with others.

14. What is Bill Malmstrom's purpose in visiting the island?
(a) He wants to search for the narrator's father.
(b) He wants to buy the narrator's property.
(c) He wants to seize the land for the government.
(d) He wants to scare the narrator into leaving.

15. The narrator's father preferred animals to people because
(a) They were guided by nature.
(b) They could survive in the wild.
(c) They behaved rationally and predictably.
(d) They did not speak.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator claims to rehearse

2. David blames the changes in the town and the negative outcomes on

3. The narrator finds it difficult to enter the lake because

4. The fishing trip is cut short when

5. The narrator decides that everything she values about Joe is

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