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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator and her companions are traveling in
(a) Mexico.
(b) Canada.
(c) France.
(d) The United States.

2. What does David want to do with the fish in the morning?
(a) Bury it for fertilizer.
(b) Film it for Random Samples.
(c) Take a photo with it.
(d) Cook it over an open fire.

3. Who arrives on the island at the start of the chapter?
(a) Paul and Evans.
(b) Paul and Bill Malmstrom.
(c) Paul and the narrator's father.
(d) Paul and his wife.

4. David and Anna seem to communicate by
(a) Teasing or ignoring each other.
(b) Fighting agressively at all times.
(c) Telling others what they think of each other.
(d) Exchanging silent looks.

5. At the end of the chapter the narrator decides
(a) She will burn her father's drawings and leave him in peace on the island.
(b) She will take her father's drawings to the police.
(c) She will find her father no matter what it costs her.
(d) Her father must have been killed by the Americans.

6. After reviewing her father's papers, the narrator decides
(a) Her father had gone insane.
(b) Her father had been hired to write another report.
(c) Her father had some secret purpose she must discover.
(d) Her father had been an artist too.

7. David slips in and out of "a yokel dialect," which implies
(a) He came from the country originally.
(b) He has contempt for the town and the people.
(c) He does not know they speak French in Canada.
(d) His identity is flexible as well.

8. Because Anna is angry with him, David comments on
(a) Anna's flab.
(b) The narrator's behind.
(c) Anna's make-up.
(d) Joe's refusal to talk.

9. The narrator compares Anna's cries to
(a) The cries of the heron.
(b) A cry for help from God.
(c) An animal's when caught in a trap.
(d) The sounds of the woodland animals.

10. What question does the narrator recall asking her husband on their wedding day?
(a) Aren't I good enough for you?
(b) Why are you doing this to me?
(c) Do you feel better?
(d) Why can't we just go on like before?

11. The narrator decides that everything she values about Joe is
(a) Debatable.
(b) Psychological.
(c) Physical.
(d) Emotional.

12. The narrator reveals that her parents have not forgiven her for
(a) Getting divorced and abandoning her child.
(b) Leaving the lake to live in the city.
(c) Living with a man outside of marriage.
(d) Getting married without them.

13. In the morning, the narrator and Joe discuss
(a) The narrator's desire to have a child.
(b) David and Anna's marriage.
(c) The date they will set for their wedding.
(d) Who will move out of their shared apartment.

14. When the women discuss birth control, the narrator suggests
(a) That women had no choice but to risk their health by taking the pill.
(b) That Joe and David did not care about the physical risks to the women.
(c) That sex without risk or consequences is unnatural.
(d) That women had defied men by refusing to take the piill.

15. At the gas station, the narrator is embarrassed when her friends
(a) Admire the moose dressed as people.
(b) Take what they want without buying anything.
(c) Take pictures of the locals without asking.
(d) Use curse words in front of the locals.

Short Answer Questions

1. Though David catches the fish, the narrator must

2. David suggests Americans want the land because

3. David blames the changes in the town and the negative outcomes on

4. David teaches

5. The narrator pretends she is working so she can

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