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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say she should have studied instead of art?
(a) History.
(b) Botany.
(c) Linguistics.
(d) Psychology.

2. Paul assumes the narrator is traveling with her husband because
(a) She is obviously traveling with a man.
(b) She has told him she will bring a man along.
(c) She has not told anyone she is divorced.
(d) Women are not safe to travel alone in that part of Canada.

3. What does the narrator find hanging from a tree?
(a) A dead heron.
(b) Her father.
(c) A torn-up doll.
(d) A dead fish.

4. What question does the narrator recall asking her husband on their wedding day?
(a) Do you feel better?
(b) Why are you doing this to me?
(c) Aren't I good enough for you?
(d) Why can't we just go on like before?

5. Flashing back on her first husband, the narrator states
(a) She believes she never loved him.
(b) She will never trust the word "love" again.
(c) The failure of their marriage was entirely his fault.
(d) He was an inexperienced woodsman.

6. As she travels through the town, the narrator feels
(a) No nostalgia or emotion of any kind.
(b) Sorry that she ever left for the city.
(c) Overwhelmed with love.
(d) Angry that so much has changed.

7. The narrator believes her parents never took down the chicken-wire enclosure because
(a) It was now used to enclose the garden.
(b) They used it to catch rabbits.
(c) They anticipated grandchildren.
(d) They were always keeping useless things.

8. While the narrator shops, her companions
(a) Drink beer in the motel.
(b) Have found a clue about her father.
(c) Decide to return to the city.
(d) Find transportation to the cabin.

9. When the women discuss birth control, the narrator suggests
(a) That women had no choice but to risk their health by taking the pill.
(b) That sex without risk or consequences is unnatural.
(c) That women had defied men by refusing to take the piill.
(d) That Joe and David did not care about the physical risks to the women.

10. The narrator says her father's house is difficult to find because
(a) Camouflage was one of his best abilities.
(b) Evans keeps taking wrong turns.
(c) Neighbors were a nuisance to him.
(d) No one really wants to find him.

11. The others decide they want to
(a) Hunt for bears.
(b) Stay on for the rest of the week.
(c) Help the narrator find her father.
(d) Continue fishing.

12. David teaches
(a) Politics.
(b) Broadcasting classes.
(c) English as a Second Language.
(d) Communication classes.

13. David slips in and out of "a yokel dialect," which implies
(a) He came from the country originally.
(b) He does not know they speak French in Canada.
(c) His identity is flexible as well.
(d) He has contempt for the town and the people.

14. The description of the tourists who visit the town implies
(a) The narrator feels they are imposters.
(b) The narrator feels hatred and hostility toward them.
(c) The narrator is indifferent to their presence.
(d) The narrator appreciates their contribution to the town.

15. The fishing trip is cut short when
(a) The group decides to go back and cook the fish.
(b) Two Americans arrive and begin to fish, too.
(c) They discover they have no more worms.
(d) David and Anna begin fighting.

Short Answer Questions

1. In school pictures, the narrator's face was always

2. What does the narrator feel is her first mistake during her visit to the store?

3. David wants to stay on the island

4. What information does Anna share with the narrator?

5. What is Bill Malmstrom's purpose in visiting the island?

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