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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator feel is her first mistake during her visit to the store?
(a) She tries to speak French, but has a discernable accent.
(b) She asks for Canadian bacon, proving she is American.
(c) She assumes the speak English, and they do not.
(d) She asks about the old priest, who is dead.

2. What is suggested by the fact that the narrator describes Anna as her best woman friend, though they've know each other only two months?
(a) The narrator and Anna have many things in common.
(b) The narrator does not have many female friends.
(c) The narrator does not like people.
(d) The narrator and Anna have actually known each other much longer.

3. What is significant about the narrator's brother drowning?
(a) He is looking up out of the water.
(b) The narrator never gets a chance to know him.
(c) He does not die, but is saved by his mother.
(d) He develops a lifelong fear of water.

4. The narrator believes that her childhood made her
(a) Socially retarded.
(b) A stronger person.
(c) A bitter person.
(d) Mentally retarded.

5. Paul assumes the narrator is traveling with her husband because
(a) She is obviously traveling with a man.
(b) She has told him she will bring a man along.
(c) Women are not safe to travel alone in that part of Canada.
(d) She has not told anyone she is divorced.

6. What information does Anna share with the narrator?
(a) That she has frequently been unfaithful to David.
(b) That she and David are not happily married.
(c) That David's flirtation is really all about her, not the narrator.
(d) That David is in love with the narrator.

7. At the start of the chapter, the narrator resolves
(a) That she has to leave the island immediately.
(b) That she must keep looking for her father no matter what.
(c) That she has done all she can, and no one can expect more from her.
(d) That she will marry Joe if he asks her.

8. The narrator thinks she cannot communicate with Joe because
(a) She is afraid he will be violent.
(b) She does not know the right language.
(c) She does not want to.
(d) He does not know what he is talking about.

9. David suggests Americans want the land because
(a) They have always wanted to own Canada too.
(b) They have run out of land for their factories.
(c) They have used up all their fresh water and will have to move north.
(d) They can not settle the wilderness by themselves.

10. The narrator believes her father
(a) Will be furious with her for staying away so long.
(b) Has died out on the lake.
(c) Does not want to be found.
(d) Will be waiting for her when she arrives.

11. The narrator's attitude toward pain--if it hurts invent a different pain--indicates
(a) She is currently looking for a diversion from pain in her life.
(b) She is confrontational when dealing with pain.
(c) She is unable to deal with any pain.
(d) She is a masochist.

12. The others agree to wait at the motel because
(a) They want to avoid an emotional situation with the narrator.
(b) They are not welcome in the town.
(c) They know the narrator wants to get away from them.
(d) They just want to have fun and drink beer.

13. What does the narrator's mother tell her when she asks where dead people go?
(a) She says she does not know.
(b) She says he would go to heaven.
(c) She says he would still be there in spirit.
(d) She says he would go to the graveyard.

14. The narrator claims to rehearse
(a) Facts and figures.
(b) Speeches.
(c) Disaster scenarios.
(d) Emotions.

15. The narrator is trying to decide
(a) Whether she is falling in love with David.
(b) Whether she loves Joe.
(c) Whether she loved her first husband.
(d) Whether she loved her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator say she should have studied instead of art?

2. The canoe trip is difficult for the group because

3. At the end of the chapter the narrator describes herself as

4. The narrator decides it would be easy for a person who is hiding to

5. The narrator describes the lake as

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