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1. In what time period did the narrator grow up?

The narrator was a child during World War II and grew up in the decades that followed.

2. How does the narrator seem to feel about returning to the town and her childhood home?

The narrator seems eager to arrive, yet she also appears to dread each milestone as she nears the town. She is also uncomfortable with the numerous changes that have taken place in her absence. Some of the town's authenticity seems to be in question to her now.

3. Describe the narrator's relationship with her traveling companions.

The narrator does not seem to know her companions very well but considers them as close as she is willing to get. While she does not express approval for David and Anna, she calls Anna her closest female friend. Even her lover, Joe, seems to keep her at a distance, and she appears to be comfortable with that arrangement. She knows what to expect from him and responds accordingly.

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