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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. David and Anna seem to communicate by
(a) Exchanging silent looks.
(b) Fighting agressively at all times.
(c) Telling others what they think of each other.
(d) Teasing or ignoring each other.

2. What is significant about the narrator's brother drowning?
(a) He does not die, but is saved by his mother.
(b) He develops a lifelong fear of water.
(c) The narrator never gets a chance to know him.
(d) He is looking up out of the water.

3. The others agree to wait at the motel because
(a) They want to avoid an emotional situation with the narrator.
(b) They know the narrator wants to get away from them.
(c) They just want to have fun and drink beer.
(d) They are not welcome in the town.

4. At the end of the chapter, the author compares an unborn child to
(a) An unopened gift.
(b) A leech.
(c) A frog in a jar.
(d) A secret passenger.

5. What does the narrator notice about the fountain in town?
(a) The dolphins are missing.
(b) It is in a different place than she remembers.
(c) The cherub in the middle is missing half its face.
(d) It is not as big as she remembers it.

Short Answer Questions

1. David teaches

2. The narrator reveals that her parents have not forgiven her for

3. The narrator's description of the city they drive through is

4. The narrator has to ask for directions because

5. The narrator takes her guests to visit what local oddity?

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