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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator feel is her first mistake during her visit to the store?
(a) She asks for Canadian bacon, proving she is American.
(b) She asks about the old priest, who is dead.
(c) She assumes the speak English, and they do not.
(d) She tries to speak French, but has a discernable accent.

2. After reviewing her father's papers, the narrator decides
(a) Her father had some secret purpose she must discover.
(b) Her father had been an artist too.
(c) Her father had gone insane.
(d) Her father had been hired to write another report.

3. The narrator believes her father
(a) Does not want to be found.
(b) Will be furious with her for staying away so long.
(c) Has died out on the lake.
(d) Will be waiting for her when she arrives.

4. The narrator believes Joe first liked her because
(a) She has distanced herself from her family.
(b) She expresses no emotion.
(c) She is an artist.
(d) She does not drink alcohol.

5. The narrator describes her job as
(a) Appropriate and tailored to her, like a well-made suit.
(b) Important and undervalued.
(c) Pretentious and worldly.
(d) Awkward and ill-fitting, like an artificial limb.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator reveals that her parents have not forgiven her for

2. What does David want to do with the fish in the morning?

3. David slips in and out of "a yokel dialect," which implies

4. The narrator feels the others will not understand her search for her father because

5. Though the narrator has memorized survival guides, she realizes that it is still possible

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