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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The men take turns taking footage of the wood they have chopped rather than letting the women film them because
(a) They only want males to appear in the film.
(b) They do not want the women to know what they are filming.
(c) They are afraid the women will break the camera.
(d) They can not wait for the women to finish their gardening.

2. What is significant about the narrator's brother drowning?
(a) He is looking up out of the water.
(b) He develops a lifelong fear of water.
(c) The narrator never gets a chance to know him.
(d) He does not die, but is saved by his mother.

3. What happens when the group goes in search of the rock painting?
(a) They cannot find it.
(b) David decides to fish again.
(c) The narrator and Joe get in an argument.
(d) They find it and film it for Random Samples.

4. Anna hides her face from David because
(a) She has forgotten her sunscreen.
(b) She is angry at David.
(c) She is sunburned.
(d) She has forgotten her make-up.

5. The narrator has identified two different women in town known as Madame because
(a) Madame is a common name in Canada.
(b) She cannot remember anyone's name anymore.
(c) She remembers them as older, married women.
(d) None of the women in town had names when she was a child.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator describes her job as

2. The narrator says her father's house is difficult to find because

3. At the start of the chapter, the narrator resolves

4. In the flashback about her mother, the narrator reveals

5. The narrator compares Anna's cries to

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