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Essay Topic 1

Consider the Canadian wilderness in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing. How does the wilderness represent the narrator's a) past, b) struggles or c) both. Create an argument in which you support points a, b, or c.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the narrator's definition of American. What does it mean to be an American according to the narrator? Who or what in the novel is represented by the term American and why?

Essay Topic 3

Create an argument in which you define and defend a position on what it means to be "natural." Consider the setting of the novel and the narrator's continual desire to return to a more natural state. Use the text to defend your position.

Essay Topic 4

The lake features prominently in Atwood's story. What associations or connotations does the narrator give the lake? How has the lake played an important role in her life and the lives...

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