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Chapter 1

• The narrator and her three companions travel a road she has often traveled as child, returning to the Canadian island where she lived with her parents and brother.

• The narrator is joined by her lover, Joe, and a married couple, David and Anna.

• As they travel the scenery changes from cow pastures to a small town, en route to a French-Canadian village.

• The narrator explains that Anna is her best friend, although she has only known her 2 months.

• The group stops at a house made of glass bottles that the narrator points out so that David and Joe, who are making a film montage called "Random Samples," can record the unusual experience.

• The groups stops to ask for directions, as much has changed since the narrator left.

• The narrator reveals that they have come to look for her father, who may be alive or not.

Chapter 2

• When...

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