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Short Answer Questions

1. What equation does Feynman use to amaze the graduate mathematics students at Princeton?

2. What does Feynman's dog use to follow his scent around the house?

3. What does Feynman do to entertain the girls at the Girl Scout father-daughter banquet?

4. In high school Feynman changed the trigonometry ____________ because he didn't like the way they looked.

5. What is the name of the girl from the nightclub in Albuquerque that eventually sleeps with Feynman?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who teaches Feynman to use logic to solve math problems?

2. What is Feynman's experience like on his trips to Brazil?

3. How does Feynman spend the money he makes giving weekend lectures in Buffalo?

4. What amusing thing does Feynman discover years after his work at the Metaplast Corporation?

5. What kind of work does Feynman do for the army?

6. How does Feynman meet Albert Einstein?

7. What "party trick" does Feynman do with his ability to smell?

8. What are Feynman's experience with hypnotism?

9. What happens when Feynman encounters a Japanese man who wants him to use an abacus to solve math problems?

10. What does young Feynman notice about paramecia when he looks at them under a microscope?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Feynman's analogy of the cargo cult and what he was trying to illustrate to future scientists.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Feynman's experiences with and views on the science of psychology. Why does he feel so strongly about this field?

Essay Topic 3

Bob Wilson, Feynman's colleague from Princeton who convinced him to join the Manhattan project, is beginning to understand the level of human suffering that will come from the thing they have created. Why is he overtaken with guilt and fear? How and when does Feynman express some of the same feelings?

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