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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what kind of project does an airline in California offer Feynman a position as director of its laboratory?
(a) Nuclear-propelled, rocket airplanes.
(b) Nucelar rockets.
(c) Wind-propelled airplanes.
(d) Rocket-propelled, nuclear missiles.

2. In what year does Feynman's wife Arlene die?
(a) 1943.
(b) 1939.
(c) 1941.
(d) 1946.

3. What is the name of the singer at the nightclub in Albuquerque who introduces Feynman to girls?
(a) Tamara.
(b) Tonya.
(c) Tammy.
(d) Talia.

4. While at MIT, Feynman annoys waitresses by leaving his tip in ________________.
(a) Old gum under the table.
(b) Upside down glasses full of water.
(c) Full soup bowls.
(d) The salt shaker.

5. Despite his degree in physics, Feynman works as what for the army during one summer?
(a) Soldier.
(b) Gunner.
(c) Mechanical engineer.
(d) Biologist.

6. What tool does young Feynman bring with him to fix the radio at his aunt's hotel?
(a) Screwdriver.
(b) Pliers.
(c) Wrench.
(d) Electric coil.

7. How much does Feynman have to pay for what the TWA hostess orders in the nightclub in Albuquerque?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Six dollars.
(c) Sixteen dollars.
(d) A hundred dollars.

8. Feynman gets a B+ on a English paper about ___________ even though he wrote about another topic.
(a) Faust.
(b) King Lear.
(c) Hemingway.
(d) Huxley.

9. What do the philosophy students keep repeating during a lunch lecture at Princeton?
(a) Essence of being.
(b) Objectional essentials.
(c) Essential object.
(d) Object essence.

10. Which of the following is NOT one of the places Feynman tries to sleep his first night in Ithaca, NY?
(a) Pile of leaves.
(b) Airport.
(c) Couch in a hallway.
(d) Hotel.

11. What does Ms. Eisenhart think Feynman is joking about at the Princeton tea?
(a) Requesting a soda instead of tea.
(b) Having cream and lemon in his tea.
(c) Asking for coffee instead of tea.
(d) Having two lumps of sugar in his tea.

12. What is needed to make the patent documents legal for the government?
(a) An official seal.
(b) Approval from Congress.
(c) A signature.
(d) An exchange of money.

13. What tools does Feynman need to pick a Yale lock?
(a) Pliers and paperclip.
(b) Screwdriver and paperclip.
(c) Pliers and hairpin.
(d) Screwdriver and pliers.

14. What is the man from Japan that Feynman meets in a restaurant trying to sell?
(a) An Abacus.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Stationary.
(d) Calculators.

15. What object does Feynman's friend Paul at Princeton get him to walk around trying to figure out how to use it without pain for two weeks?
(a) Measuring tape.
(b) Knife.
(c) Abacus.
(d) Lighter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Brazilian city is Feynman stuck in for a few days before he can get to Rio?

2. What doesn't Feynman like about working at his aunt's hotel?

3. When Feynman graduates from MIT there are no jobs for __________.

4. How much does Cornell University pay Feynman to do the lecture series in Buffalo?

5. Ever since high school, Feynman worries about being ____________.

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