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Vitals | Part 1: He Fixes Radios by Thinking!

• In less than two hundred words, Mr. Feynman gives us a summary of his life (birth, hometown, degrees earned, major accomplishments, marriages, kids).

• The book begins with Mr. Feyman's memories of being a boy, about eleven or twelve years old, who liked to build and fix radios.

• While still a child he is hired to fix the radio in a hotel (which turns out to be owned and operated by his aunt). After this point, he is hired by many other people around town to fix radios.

• He credits his success in fixing radios to what he calls his "puzzle drive"--the part of him that longs to find the solution to puzzles.

Part 1: String Beans | Part 1: Who Stole the Door?

• This chapter chronicles Feynman's experiences as a teenager employed in his aunt's hotel.

• Mr. Feynman studies the customers (as well...

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