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1. What childhood memory does Robicheaux recall in Chapter 1?

As a boy, Robicheaux saw the body of a man nailed to a barn wall. The man was a labor union organizer named Jack Flynn.

2. What trouble does Robicheaux say Cool Breeze is in in this section?

Cool Breeze is in jail for selling stolen VCRs. He had unwittingly fallen in with the Giacono crime family who had been been dubbing Kung Fu films made in Hong Kong. This puts the Giacono crew in direct competition with the powerful Chinese Triad gang.

3. Why did Sunshine drop the charges of rape against the two brothers?

The sheriff tells Robicheaux that three months earlier a seventeen-year-old black woman named Sunshine Labiche claimed she he was raped and sodomized by two young white men. However, Sunshine later admitted that just before the attack she was smoking crack and later drops the charges.

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