Sunset Limited Character Descriptions

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Dave Robicheaux

He is an avid fisherman who spends good deal of time on the water. He owns a bait shop and can often be found there with his old friend and former Homicide partner.

Megan Flynn

Shuttled from foster home to foster home, she harbors a deep resentment against the people of New Iberia. As an adult, she uses questionable methods to achieve stunning photographic results.

Cletus Purcel

His arms are thick and that his neck resembles a fire hydrant. He has reddish hair and an easygoing disposition.

Willie Broussard

He is a very large man, weighing approximately two hundred pounds. His skin is the color of chocolate.

Cisco Flynn

He once worked as a stuntman and actor. Currently, he is a screenwriter. As a boy, he was in the same Colorado foster home as Swede Boxleiter.

Swede Boxleiter

This individual is a former convict who has...

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