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Chapters 1 - 7

• Dave Robicheaux remembers seeing a man called Jack Flynn, a labor union organizer, nailed to a barn wall. His daughter, photo journalist, called Megan has come back to New Iberia and is asking questions about a man called Cool Breeze.

• Robicheaux visits Cool Breeze in jail. Breeze tells him that he is in jail for selling stolen VCRs, a job he was doing for the Giacona crime family.
• Robicheaux visits Alex Guidry, a prison guard Cool Breeze has accused of assaulting him. Guidry tells Robicheaux that Breeze is lying.

• Robicheaux returns to the Sheriff's Department where he meets Special Agent Adrien Glazier who has come as part of the Broussard's investigation.
• The sheriff tells Robicheaux how a seventeen-year-old black girl had three months earlier excused two white men of raping her. The case was thrown out of court when the girl admitted that she had been...

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