Sunset Express: An Elvis Cole Novel Fun Activities

Robert Crais
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Be a Reporter

Pretend to be one of the many reporters who are part of this story line. Interview a character (Green, Elvis, Mrs. Earle) and interview him or her about their involvement in the Susan Martin murder investigation.

Letter Writing

Write a letter from LeCederick Earle to his mother asking her to change her story about Officer Rossi. In the letter, use text evidence that explains why LeCederick is now asking his mother to lie for him.

Mr. Lawrence's Love Poem

Write a poem from Mr. Lawrence to Mrs. Earle explaining his affections. Use what you know about each character to make inferences about what Mr. Lawrence might say in this poem.

Character Map

Choose a character from the book and describe that character's personality traits (for example, you could say that Elvis is helpful or James Lester is unreliable). Find text evidence from the book to...

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