Sunset Express: An Elvis Cole Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert Crais
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Prologue and Chapters 1-3

• Susan Martin's body is discovered.

• Officer Angela Rossi is the first officer to see the body.

• Teddy Martin says he wife was kidnapped.

• Rossi finds the murder weapon outside of the Martin home.
• Jonathan Green is a lawyer representing Teddy Martin.

• A tip line reveals that one of the officers in the Martin investigation is accused of planting evidence.

• Elvis Cole is hired by Jonathan Green to investigate Rossi.

• Rossi was accused by LeCederick Earle of planting counterfeit money during a bust.
• Elvis gets background on the Earle bust from a reporter friend named Eddie Ditko.

• Elvis goes to see Rossi's former partner, Raymond Haig, who now owns a tire shop.

• Haig does not like Rossi, calling her aggressive and ambitious.

• Haig says Rossi was always looking for a big bust to advance her career.

• Though he questions her actions, Haig never witnessed Rossi...

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