Daily Lessons for Teaching Sunrise at Campobello

Dore Schary
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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 The play is set between two primary scenes, at the Roosevelt summer home in Campobello and their residence in New York. The opening scene is warm and friendly, filled with the laughter of children and the joy of family. The objective of this lesson is to discuss how the setting of the play affects mood.

1. Discussion: As a class, discuss the opening description of the stage set. Where does the play appear to be set? Is there a specific era it appears to identify? Have students guess the age of the play. What circumstances have the characters meeting together in the opening scene? Briefly discuss the major forms of drama: comedy, tragedy, heroic drama, melodrama, domestic/bourgeois drama, tragi-comedy and mixed form. Based on the first few moments of the play, what might the overall mood the play will present and why?

2. Writing activity...

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