Sunrise at Campobello Character Descriptions

Dore Schary
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Babs - This is the nickname of a character whose strength and sense of emotional self-control often mask deep emotion.

FDR - This nickname is most commonly used to abbreviate the protagonist's long name.

Frank - The informal name of the character who loves family and works diligently to overcome the effects of illness.

Louis McHenry Howe - This asthmatic chain smoker is a devoted friend of the protagonist.

Jimmy - The informal name of the character who loves to arm wrestle with the protagonist.

Mr. Lassiter - Cold and formal, this character becomes completely enraged when his challenges to the protagonist are met with sarcasm.

Miss Marguerite LeHand - This perky character is the ideal secretary.

Mama - This strong-willed and controlling character writes a letter insisting that the family learn to speak French.

Missy - The informal name for the protagonist's secretary.

Anna Roosevelt...

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