Sunrise at Campobello Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dore Schary
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Act 1, Scene 1

• Eleanor Roosevelt calls the family in to dinner.

• FDR and his children enter the house from an afternoon of swimming and outdoor fun.

• The children discuss the parts they would like to read in "Julius Caesar."

• FDR reads a letter from his mother, Sara, to the family.

• FDR's mother, Sara, writes to the family of her travels in London.

• Sara encourages the family in their French lessons.

• FDR reads the newspaper before dinner.

• FDR is pleased to find that his name is not in the paper for once.

• FDR complains about the current administration and the rising unemployment rates.

• Eleanor voices her support of FDR's ability to reverse the current economic trends.

• Dinner is announced.

• As FDR rises to join the family, he is struck with a sharp pain in his back.

• Eleanor sends her husband to bed and promises to send a tray.

• FDR slowly...

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