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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who from the Third Squad is described in Chapter 2 as “a really quiet guy… who had worked in a rehabilitation center in civilian life”?
(a) Jackson.
(b) Lopez.
(c) Lieutenant Nelson.
(d) Corbin.

2. In Chapter 2, the narrator states that “There were special detachments created for Medical, Construction, and Intelligence.” The Medical detachment people are said to be led by whom?
(a) Sergeant Harris.
(b) Ahmed Sabbat.
(c) Captain Miller.
(d) Corporal Jones.

3. In his letter in the Prologue, Robin says he is less than a hundred miles from what country’s border?
(a) Syria.
(b) Lebanon.
(c) Iraq.
(d) Iran.

4. Who is the baseball player on the Yankees t-shirt that one of the Iraqi children is wearing in Chapter 5?
(a) Bobby Fisher.
(b) Johnny Saint.
(c) Jack Slater.
(d) Derek Jeter.

5. Who is described as “one of the intelligence guys” that has lost the use of his camera due to the sandstorm in Chapter 4?
(a) Corporal Rios.
(b) Lieutenant Nelson.
(c) Captain Miller.
(d) Colonel King.

6. What is the nickname that Corporal Kennedy calls Private Perry in the novel?
(a) Birdy.
(b) Buddy.
(c) Jackie.
(d) Jonesy.

7. Who is described in Chapter 6 as “Saddam’s fourth or fifth cousin” that “spoke a little English and was between one hundred and two hundred years old”?
(a) Jamil Sidqi al-Tikrit.
(b) Captain Coles.
(c) Halima Telfah.
(d) Ahmed Sabbat.

8. It is discussed between the narrator and his team in Chapter 3 the possibility of a battle between the Sunnis and what other sect?
(a) The Mevlevi Order.
(b) The Shiites.
(c) The Kurds.
(d) The Hindus.

9. Where does Corporal Eddie Evans say he is from originally in Chapter 1?
(a) Harlem, New York.
(b) Tampa, Florida.
(c) Stormville, New York.
(d) Stone Mountain, Georgia.

10. What is the name of Edie Law’s oldest daughter, according to the letter from Perry’s mother in Chapter 7?
(a) Sarah Gilliam.
(b) Halima Telfah.
(c) LaKeisha Law.
(d) Ahmed Sabbat.

11. After reading the letter from his mother in Chapter 7, Private Perry thinks about how she said he was always what type of individual?
(a) Brave.
(b) Ambitious.
(c) Sickly.
(d) Driven.

12. Robin describes Jonesy as a guy in his unit from where in the letter in the Prologue?
(a) Mississippi.
(b) Arkansas.
(c) Kansas.
(d) Georgia.

13. The narrator says in Chapter 6 that “the guys from the 3rd ID and the 4th Marines were bopping around Baghdad and getting on television” because they had been present when what was torn down?
(a) The Berlin Wall.
(b) The statue of Jalibah.
(c) Saddam Hussein’s statue.
(d) The Wall of China.

14. Jonesy tells the narrator in Chapter 3, “Most of my training was about” doing what “when you heard gunfire”?
(a) “Calling the cops.”
(b) “Diving down.”
(c) “Jumping up.”
(d) “Shooting back.”

15. What does the narrator say Marla Kennedy found in one of the outhouses in Chapter 6?
(a) A camel spider.
(b) A wolf spider.
(c) A black widow spider.
(d) A banana spider.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the driver in the First Squad in Chapter 2?

2. What health condition does Private Perry mention his father has and is not watching in Chapter 7?

3. To whom is the letter addressed in the Prologue of the novel?

4. Who receives a letter in the beginning of Chapter 7 and begins cursing over its contents?

5. What does “MRE” stand for in the narrative?

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