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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Special Ops guys that Perry’s unit is escorting in Chapter 10 say that they got some information from the confession box that there’s an IED factory located where?
(a) The New City area.
(b) The Old City area.
(c) The Rusafa district
(d) The An Najaf district.

2. The stuffed monkey that Corporal Rios receives in the mail in Chapter 9 is what kind of monkey, according to Captain Miller?
(a) A spider monkey.
(b) A capuchin monkey.
(c) An African vervet.
(d) A Columbian tamarin.

3. Where does Jonesy say they’re going out again in Chapter 12, which the narrator describes as running “through some of the worst territory for ambushes in Iraq”?
(a) Highway 20.
(b) Highway 10.
(c) Highway 7.
(d) Highway 4.

4. Who is described in Chapter 6 as “Saddam’s fourth or fifth cousin” that “spoke a little English and was between one hundred and two hundred years old”?
(a) Halima Telfah.
(b) Jamil Sidqi al-Tikrit.
(c) Ahmed Sabbat.
(d) Captain Coles.

5. Major Spring Sessions tells the unit in Chapter 1 that their entire detachment is made up of about how many people?
(a) 81.
(b) 75.
(c) 30.
(d) 42.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Perry’s friends in the unit save the sandwich for that appears to be tuna salad in Chapter 14?

2. What does Jerry Egri say he did back home in Chapter 12?

3. Private Perry’s mother says in her letter in Chapter 7 that Perry’s father still thinks he is how old?

4. Where is Corporal Marla Kennedy from originally?

5. What are the names of Corporal Pendleton’s daughters?

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