Sunrise Over Fallujah Character Descriptions

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Major Sessions

This character welcomes the narrator and his fellow soldiers to Camp Doha in Kuwait in Chapter 1. She is described as "cute, black, and had a smile that lit up the headquarters tent."

Corporal Evans

This character is a member of the Civil Affairs unit and is originally from Stormville, New York.

Corporal Jones

This character, from Stone Mountain, Georgia, is obsessed with blues music. He is a team member in the Civil Affairs unit alongside the narrator of the novel.

Sergeant Harris

This character is from Tampa, Florida, and is a commander within the Civil Affairs unit.

Corporal Kennedy

This character, from Dix Hills, New York, begins calling the narrator "Birdy" in Chapter 1, much to his chagrin. She is an excellent shot and has a sharp mouth that initially irritates the narrator.

Private Perry

This character is the protagonist and narrator of Sunrise Over Fallujah. Originally...

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