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Djeli Mamoudou Kouyate
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Short Answer Questions

1. What are Sundiata's ancestors known for being able to extract from plants and herbs that others cannot?

2. Where does Sassouma force Sologon to live after the king dies?

3. How does the room respond when Fassyky plays Kanty's magical musical instrument?

4. How does Kanty treat men who disagree with him?

5. In Kouyaty's story, of what material does Kanty sew his clothing?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sundiata collect the army that fights with him in Tabon?

2. What happens that causes the usually patient Sologon to beat Djata?

3. How have Sundiata's childhood friends sought to help him in his return to Mali?

4. How does the reader receive the information about Sundiata's friends and their lives after the fall of Mali?

5. Why do the people of Mali flood to Soumaoro's old land, and what do they steal from his store houses?

6. How does Djata learn to walk?

7. Why does Fassyky ask for a private conference with Fran Kamara upon returning to Mali?

8. How do Soumaoro and Sundiata communicate before the battle of Krina?

9. Who is Manding Bory, and what role does he play in Sundiata'slife?

10. Why does Sundiata threaten the king of Mema, Tounkara?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Sundiata" is expressed to the reader through the use of oral history and translation. Briefly explain why each of these methods--oral history and translation--was necessarily in the completion of this tale. Then, explain what facts were most important in the oral histories of the time, and how you saw those themes expressed in "Sundiata."

Essay Topic 2

Although Sundiata had many siblings, there were three who had the largest impact on his life - Nana Triban, Manding Bory, and Dankaran. Breifly describe each of Sundiata's three siblings, and explain how each sibling irrevocably altered Sundiata's life, either for better or worse.

Essay Topic 3

When Sundiata was born, he was given two formal names and one very important nickname. Briefly explain where each of Sundiata's three names came from, and what part of his personality each name represented. Finally, explain whether or not you think Sundiata's name were a good fit for him, and why.

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