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Djeli Mamoudou Kouyate
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Nana Triban's mother?
(a) Her mother is unknown.
(b) Kolonkon.
(c) Sogolon.
(d) Sassouma.

2. How many men is Sundiata rumored to be able to fell with one swing of his sword?
(a) Ten.
(b) Five.
(c) One dozen.
(d) Two.

3. How do the merchants greet Sundiata?
(a) With a bow.
(b) With a kiss.
(c) With a salute.
(d) With a hug.

4. What animal does Sundiata sacrifice in memory of the old buffalo woman?
(a) An eagle.
(b) A hen.
(c) A rooster.
(d) A lamb.

5. What do the Malian merchants tell Sundiata about Mali?
(a) That it is destroyed.
(b) That its people are starving.
(c) That it is wealthy.
(d) That it has a strong army.

6. What color is the bird Soumaoro sees and knows that he is doomed?
(a) White.
(b) Gold.
(c) Silver.
(d) Black.

7. How do Sundiata's allies treat his prisoners of war at the celebration?
(a) They treat the prisoners with respect.
(b) They treat the prisoners as brothers.
(c) They kill the prisoners.
(d) They mock the prisoners.

8. Who does Fassyky claim should pay the price for Soumaoro's evils?
(a) The entire nation.
(b) The people of Sosso.
(c) Soumaoro's son.
(d) Only Soumaoro.

9. Which of the following is NOT something Sundiata attempts to give to Tounkara as payment?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Hay.
(c) Feathers.
(d) Pottery.

10. How many nations meet with Sundiata at his rise to power?
(a) Nine.
(b) Twenty.
(c) Ten.
(d) Twelve.

11. Why isn't Sundiata able to kill Soumaoro on his first attempt?
(a) Because another man jumped in front of the blow that should have killed Soumaoro.
(b) Because Soumaoro is invincible.
(c) Because Soumaoro is stronger than Sundiata anticipated.
(d) Because his strike misses Soumaoro's neck.

12. How does the adult Sundiata spend most of his days in Mali?
(a) Hunting.
(b) Fishing.
(c) Praying.
(d) Swimming.

13. Which way does the wind blow, signaling to Sundiata that it is time to return home?
(a) West.
(b) South.
(c) East.
(d) North.

14. Which of the following adjectives best describes the life Sundiata's friends have led since the fall of Mali?
(a) Dangerous.
(b) Stagnant.
(c) Fearful.
(d) Productive.

15. Which character in the text does Fassyky compare to the land where he spent his chilldood?
(a) Sundiata.
(b) Dankaran.
(c) Manding Bory.
(d) Soumaoro.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Sundiata want to construct his palace now that he is in power?

2. Why is Soumaoro's army surprised by Sundiata's army?

3. From which animal is a magical feather plucked that will be the downfall of Soumaoro?

4. Which character is considered to have a mighty strength?

5. Who first spots the Malian merchants in Mema?

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