Sundiata Character Descriptions

Djeli Mamoudou Kouyate
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Sosso Balla - This character attempts to lead his father's troops but is taken captive.

Sassouma Berete - This character is the king's first wife, a woman that is extremely jealous and will stop at nothing to gain the power in Mali.

Manding Bory - This character is considered a best friend and brother to the greatest king in Mali.

Manding Boukari - See Manding Bory

Buffalo of Do - This character terrorizes the countryside of Do, and later laments the violence and is starving, begging for food from kind passers-by.

Buffalo Woman - See Sogolon Kedjou

Soumaba Cisse - This character is the king of Ghana who welcomes fleeing refuges into his home, is hospitable to his guests, and he treats the children like princes and princesses of his own country.

Do Mansa-Gnemo Diarra - This character is the king of the land of Do...

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