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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the reason Brett tells Jake she is a goner?

2. What does Bill reveal to Jake after they finish bantering about Henry's bicycle?

3. Why does Cohn start a fight with Jake at the Cafe Suizo and knock him out?

4. What does the bull fight critic say about Pedro Romero's performance in the ring when Jake is having a drink with them?

5. What is Cohn's reaction when Mike starts toward him from around the table to start a fight over Brett?

Short Essay Questions

1. Bill calls Jake an expatriate. What does he mean by this?

2. What does Cohn do when he finds Pedro Romero with Brett?

3. Why is the bull fighter, Romero, the main attraction of all the bull fighters?

4. How did Pedro Romero perform in the bull ring after getting a severe beating from Robert Cohn?

5. Relate why Montoya, the hotel owner in Pamplona, smiles at Jake and asks if Bill is an aficionado?

6. What are Jake's thoughts as he lies in bed after the evening with Bill, Mike and Brett?

7. What type of personal conversations do Bill and Jake get into while they are in the countryside fishing?

8. Summarize the description Jake gives of Basque country.

9. Compare the weather as Bill and Jake depart on the bus to Burguete and the weather upon their arrival at Burguete. What images are given to describe the weather?

10. What took place during the paseo in Pamplona?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Discuss the value system of Count Mippipopolous.

2) How did he develop his set of values? Is he satisfied with his life or is he miserable?

3) Has he lived life to its potential?

Essay Topic 2

1) Give three examples of when Jake comes to the aid of Brett when she asks for help.

2) Defend or criticize his reasons for helping her.

3) Do you think she is justified in asking for his help?

4) What is your opinion of Jake when he continually helps Brett?

Essay Topic 3

1) The feelings of the characters seem to change dramatically by the end of the novel.

2) How do the main characters feel about themselves at the beginning of the story?

3) How do they feel at the end of the story?

4) How do they feel about each other at the start of the novel and how do they feel at the end?

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