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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jake feel about Robert Cohn after Brett does not show up on the train?
(a) He thinks Cohn is a good friend and has a pleasant attitude.
(b) He lets bygones be bygones and forgives Cohn for going to San Sebastian with Brett.
(c) He sympathizes with Cohn's disappointment when Brett doesn't show up.
(d) Jake is unforgiving and jealous of Cohn. He hates him and wants to hurt him.

2. What keepsake does Romero hand to Brett after he kills the last bull?
(a) The bull's severed tongue
(b) The bull's severed ear
(c) His sword
(d) The bloody cape

3. What is the name of the bull fighter that Montoya introduces to Jake and Bill?
(a) Pedro Romero
(b) Jose Fermin
(c) Señor Gayarra
(d) Pedro Iruna

4. What types of emotion do Jake and his friends feel after the bull fight is over?
(a) Excited and aggressive
(b) Disgusted and drained
(c) Disturbed and elated
(d) Subdued and disturbed

5. What is the reason Brett tells Jake she is a goner?
(a) She thinks she drinks too much.
(b) She is still in love with Jake.
(c) She finds out she is very sick.
(d) She is hopelessly in love with Pedro Romero.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bill and Jake sit down to eat lunch after fishing and have an amusing conversation about the different men they went to college with. Which men do they mention?

2. How do the spectators react when they feel they are cheated by Belmonte's bull fight?

3. What is it called when the bulls are let into the corral with the steers?

4. What is an aficionado?

5. What is Jake's philosophy that everything that is good has to be paid for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Jake receives a telegram from Brett saying that they are staying over in San Sebastian overnight and will be late. How does Jake treat Cohn after he reads the telegram?

2. Summarize the description Jake gives of Basque country.

3. Bill calls Jake an expatriate. What does he mean by this?

4. How did Pedro Romero perform in the bull ring after getting a severe beating from Robert Cohn?

5. Compare the weather as Bill and Jake depart on the bus to Burguete and the weather upon their arrival at Burguete. What images are given to describe the weather?

6. What does Cohn do when he finds Pedro Romero with Brett?

7. What took place during the paseo in Pamplona?

8. Jake and Bill meet a Basque who lived in America forty years before. What parts of America had he visited and why did he return to Spain?

9. Is Mike Campbell justified in comparing Robert Cohen to one of the steers?

10. How does Pedro Romero view the bulls that he fights?

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