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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jake, Bill and Cohn decide to do after Jake receives the telegram from Brett says she and Mike stopped in San Sebastian for the night?
(a) They decide to wait until the next day before they go to Burguete.
(b) They decide to take the noon bus for Burguete.
(c) They decide to go to San Sebastian to meet Brett and Mike.
(d) They decide that Jake and Cohn will go on to Burgete, and Bill will wait for Brett.

2. What does the bull fight critic say about Pedro Romero's performance in the ring when Jake is having a drink with them?
(a) He says that Romero is just an amateur.
(b) He says that Romero's work is good but incomplete.
(c) He says that Romero should find another line of work.
(d) He says that Romero is the best fighter he has ever seen.

3. When Romero says that he kills his friends, to whom is he referring?
(a) Some of his old class mates
(b) The bulls
(c) The other bull fighters
(d) The picadores

4. What is the name of the hotel that Jake, Bill and Cohen stay at in Pamplona?
(a) Hotel Basque
(b) Hotel Montoya
(c) Hotel Bayonne
(d) Hotel Torino

5. As Jake, Bill, and Cohen drive across the plain to Pamplona, what is their first view of the town?
(a) Pamplona is on top of a high mountain with small huts around the perimeter.
(b) Pamplona is obscured by forests on a flat piece of land.
(c) The walls of Pamplona rise out of the plain, then a brown cathedral and other churches. The mountains are all around.
(d) Pamplona's walls lead up to the town which has only a bull ring in its center.

Short Answer Questions

1. While on the bus, Bill and Jake have a conversation with an old man who says that he lived in America forty years ago. Why did he return to Spain?

2. What advice does Bill give Jake about dreaming after they wake up from their afternoon nap?

3. What is the mood of Jake, Brett, and Cohn on the day before the fiesta?

4. Why does Cohn start a fight with Jake at the Cafe Suizo and knock him out?

5. What is Cohn's reaction when Mike starts toward him from around the table to start a fight over Brett?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Cohn do when he finds Pedro Romero with Brett?

2. How did Pedro Romero perform in the bull ring after getting a severe beating from Robert Cohn?

3. Both Bill and Jake are irritated when Cohn says that he doesn't think Brett and Mike are going to show up when they are supposed to. What happens as a result of Cohn's annoying comments?

4. Cohn wants to see Jake after knocking him unconscious. Does Jake go to see Cohn or does he decide against it? Explain.

5. Explain how the fist fight between Robert Cohn and Jake Barnes gets started?

6. Jake and Bill meet a Basque who lived in America forty years before. What parts of America had he visited and why did he return to Spain?

7. What does Cohn decide to do now that Brett is staying over in San Sebastian and what are Jake's feelings about it?

8. What type of personal conversations do Bill and Jake get into while they are in the countryside fishing?

9. Is Mike Campbell justified in comparing Robert Cohen to one of the steers?

10. What do Jake, Bill and the Basques do to pass the time on the bus to Burguete?

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