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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jake ask himself as he leaves Frances and Cohn in the café?
(a) He wonders why Cohn allows Frances to talk to him in such an insulting manner and why he doesn't do something to stop her.
(b) He wonders if Frances would like to go out with him now that Cohen was out of the picture.
(c) He wonders how Cohn could be such an uncaring human being.
(d) He wonders why Frances ever stayed with Cohn as long as she did.

2. Bill is so annoyed about eating lunch at quarter past four that he stops a priest who is coming back from lunch. What comment does he make to the priest?
(a) He asks if all the Catholics enjoyed making everyone else on the train wait for lunch.
(b) He wants to know when the Protestants get to eat and it makes him want to join the Klan.
(c) He inquires about the quality of the food and if there is any left.
(d) He asks if the next time, the Catholics can be the last to be served.

3. What does Jake do when he gets to his office after breakfast?
(a) He has a cup of coffee and then decides to go home.
(b) He reads the French morning papers, smokes and sets to work on the typewriter.
(c) He tries to concentrate on his typing, but can't hold a clear thought.
(d) He sits at his desk, wallowing in self-pity.

4. What does Jake do to pass the time while Brett and Robert Cohn are out of town?
(a) He drinks too much and pines over Brett.
(b) He works, goes to the races, dines with friends and puts extra time in at the office.
(c) He begins writing his first novel.
(d) He mopes around, feeling sorry for himself.

5. Jake feels he did not give an accurate picture of Robert Cohn. What does he add to his description of Cohn?
(a) Cohn insults other people constantly, looking for ways to start arguments.
(b) Cohn is superficial, only caring about what he wears and how he looks.
(c) Cohn is an excellent tennis player with a good, athletic body. He is nice to other people, cheerful and didn't get angry when beaten in tennis.
(d) Cohn is a conceited, self-centered man who is a sore loser at tennis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jake think of Cohn as Moses seeing the Promised Land for the first time while they are having a drink together at the dance?

2. Why doesn't Jake eat at Madame Lecomte's restaurant very often?

3. What happens to Robert Cohn when his instructor, Spider Kelly overmatches him?

4. What does Cohn decide when Brett sends him a letter saying he doesn't have to go on the trip to Spain with them?

5. Who do Jake and Bill share their train compartment with?

Short Essay Questions

1. While dancing with Brett, Jake feels he is in a nightmare that he has had before and has to go through again. Why does he think this?

2. Why did Robert Cohn take up boxing while attending Princeton?

3. How did Pedro Romero perform in the bull ring after getting a severe beating from Robert Cohn?

4. Jake continues to feel miserable because he cannot be with Brett. He suggests that they live together. What is Brett's reply?

5. Explain why Robert Cohn marries the first girl who is nice to him after he graduates from Princeton.

6. What words of wisdom does Jake give to Robert Cohn about traveling and trying to escape from himself?

7. Summarize the description Jake gives of Basque country.

8. Brett comes to Jake's room late at night with Count Mippipopolous. They ask him to go to Zelli's. Jake refuses the invitation. As they drive away, what does Jake think about the night?

9. Is Mike Campbell justified in comparing Robert Cohen to one of the steers?

10. Why does Cohn resort to kicking Jake under the table when Jake suggests they meet a girl he knows in Strasbourg?

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