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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jake tell Cohn that he met Brett?
(a) She was a V.A.D. in a hospital he was in during the war.
(b) He first saw her in a café in Paris.
(c) He met her in a bar in America.
(d) They met while on a cruise to England.

2. Where was the Count when he received his wounds?
(a) On a business trip
(b) On a naval ship
(c) In the Italian front
(d) Fighting in a revolution

3. There are seven cars on the train full of Catholic Americans from Dayton, Ohio. Where are they headed?
(a) They are on a pilgrimage to Rome, Biarritz, and Lourdes.
(b) They are touring the basilicas in Spain.
(c) They are going to the bull-fights in Spain.
(d) They are planning a fishing trip.

4. What does Robert Cohn do while Jake works for two hours in the office?
(a) He reads papers and falls asleep.
(b) He stuffs manila envelopes for Jake.
(c) He looks out the window at the Paris streets.
(d) He helps Jake sort out carbons.

5. What title does Robert Cohn achieve while attending Princeton?
(a) Heavyweight boxing champion
(b) Rhodes Scholar
(c) Princeton Review editor
(d) Middleweight boxing champion

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Brett say she is going to marry Michael?

2. Bill is so annoyed about eating lunch at quarter past four that he stops a priest who is coming back from lunch. What comment does he make to the priest?

3. While eating lunch at Wetzels's, Jake asks Cohn how his writing is progressing. What is Cohn's reply?

4. Who does Jake share a taxi with after the press conference at Quai d'Orsay?

5. Who do Bill and Jake see in a taxi as they are walking down the street to a restaurant?

Short Essay Questions

1. Jake and Bill share a train compartment with An American man, his wife, and their young son, Hubert. What are a few of the subjects they discuss?

2. What does Cohn say he in his letter to Jake from Hendaye?

3. Brett comes to Jake's room late at night with Count Mippipopolous. They ask him to go to Zelli's. Jake refuses the invitation. As they drive away, what does Jake think about the night?

4. How does Jake justify saying nasty things about Brett to Robert Cohn?

5. Describe the conversation Jake has with Cohn about Brett when they go out for lunch.

6. What prompts Jake to ask the street girl, Georgette to dinner?

7. Summarize how Jake amuses himself while Brett is in San Sebastian and Cohn is out of town?

8. Jake has lunch with Cohn and once again, Cohn asks Jake about South America. Jake tells Cohn to go with his fiancée, Frances. What is Cohn's reply?

9. Why does Brett flirt with so many men and keep an accounting of how many men become infatuated with her?

10. What is pernod and what type of reaction does a person have after drinking it?

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