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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Bill Gorton during his stay in Vienna?
(a) Bill is drunk for four days in Vienna and doesn't remember much about the trip.
(b) Bill wins a large sum of money betting on a prize-fight.
(c) Bill is mugged while drunk in Vienna.
(d) Bill has a wonderful trip full of pleasant memories.

2. After graduating from Princeton, Robert Cohn is bitter and self-conscious. What is one of the first things he does?
(a) He joins the army.
(b) He goes on an extended European trip.
(c) He marries the first girl who is nice to him.
(d) He falls into depression.

3. What is Mike assigned to bring to Pamplona?
(a) A case of wine
(b) Two rods with reels, lines and flies
(c) Extra money for playing bridge
(d) Extra money for the nightlife

4. Why does the Count enjoy everything so much?
(a) Because he has plenty of money to spend
(b) Because he has so many friends
(c) Because he has lived a full life and gotten to know the values, so he can enjoy everything.
(d) Because he is always drunk

5. What does Robert Cohn think about Paris after returning from America?
(a) Paris is one of his favorite cities.
(b) He considers Paris his home.
(c) He is sick of Paris.
(d) He loves Paris and never wants to leave.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bill is so annoyed about eating lunch at quarter past four that he stops a priest who is coming back from lunch. What comment does he make to the priest?

2. Georgette asks Jake what is wrong with him, since he doesn't want her to touch him. What does he reply?

3. What is Jake referring to when he says to Brett, "you like to add them up."?

4. Why is Robert Cohn so anxious to go to South America with Jake?

5. What does Jake do when he gets to his office after breakfast?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jake justify saying nasty things about Brett to Robert Cohn?

2. Relate why Montoya, the hotel owner in Pamplona, smiles at Jake and asks if Bill is an aficionado?

3. What are Jake's thoughts as he lies in bed after the evening with Bill, Mike and Brett?

4. How does Jake describe Cohn's first encounter with Lady Brett Ashley?

5. Cohn divorces after five years of marriage and another woman takes control of his life. Who is this woman and what does she expect to get from Cohn?

6. Mike asks Jake if he and Brett can go to Spain with him. Jake agrees and Brett asks if it will be too hard on Cohn. Why doesn't Jake understand this question and what is his reaction when he finds out?

7. What do Jake, Bill and the Basques do to pass the time on the bus to Burguete?

8. Cohn wants to see Jake after knocking him unconscious. Does Jake go to see Cohn or does he decide against it? Explain.

9. Why is the bull fighter, Romero, the main attraction of all the bull fighters?

10. Compare the weather as Bill and Jake depart on the bus to Burguete and the weather upon their arrival at Burguete. What images are given to describe the weather?

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