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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pedro Romero's bull fighting invoke emotion in the crowd?
(a) He loudly cheers each time the bull passes him.
(b) He keeps the purity of line in his movements, letting the bull's horns pass closely by him.
(c) He corkscrews his body and leans away from the bull as it runs by.
(d) He uses many tricks to make it look like he is in danger.

2. Bill mentions that Romero's face looks badly bruised. What is Brett's reply?
(a) That Romero is badly hurt and should be in bed
(b) That Romero is hurt, but he will be fine
(c) That it isn't as bad as it looks.
(d) That Cohn is to blame.

3. What keepsake does Romero hand to Brett after he kills the last bull?
(a) The bull's severed tongue
(b) The bull's severed ear
(c) His sword
(d) The bloody cape

4. Bill and Jake sit down to eat lunch after fishing and have an amusing conversation about the different men they went to college with. Which men do they mention?
(a) Bishop Manning, Henry James, Fitzgerald, and Roosevelt
(b) Henry James, Abraham Lincoln, Grant, and Keats
(c) Bryan, Mencken, Frankie Fritsch, Bishop Manning, and Wayne Wheeler
(d) Harris, Henry Ford, Roosevelt, and Wheeler

5. What advice does Bill give Jake about dreaming after they wake up from their afternoon nap?
(a) Don't pay any attention to dreams. They don't have any meaning.
(b) Jake should dream because all the successful businessmen are dreamers.
(c) Dreaming is for children.
(d) Dreaming eases the burdens of the day.

6. What is one of the methods smugglers use to cross from France into Spain?
(a) They wade across the stream.
(b) They take boats down the stream.
(c) They try to convince other travelers to hide them in their vehicles.
(d) They wait for nightfall and sneak through the Spanish frontier.

7. How do Jake and Bill stay warm after they finish their evening meal?
(a) They go to bed and read.
(b) They put on extra layers of clothing.
(c) They go for a run through the town.
(d) They sit in front of the fireplace.

8. How are the houses in Burguete arranged?
(a) Along both sides of the road and down side streets
(b) In city blocks
(c) Along both sides of the road with no side streets
(d) In a circle around the town

9. Why did the bus have to pull over to the side of the road as it climbed into the hills?
(a) To make room for the wild goats on the hillside
(b) To give room to pilgrims passing on the road
(c) So everyone could get a good view of the countryside
(d) To give room to six mules pulling a heavily loaded freight wagon

10. How does Jake feel after the fiesta and the bull fighting?
(a) Indifferent
(b) Homesick
(c) Depressed
(d) Excited

11. What part of the countryside did Jake's bus travel after stopping at the posada to drop off packages?
(a) Through a soot covered mill town
(b) Through rough, rocky plains
(c) Through the crowded city streets
(d) Through farming country with rocky hills

12. What is the name of the religious festival celebrated on July 6?
(a) San Pamplona
(b) San Riau
(c) San Fermin
(d) San Sombra

13. How does dinner with Brett, Mike, Cohn, and Bill remind Jake of dinners during the war?
(a) There is a feeling that it will be their last dinner together.
(b) There are arguments, hurt feelings, and fear.
(c) There is camaraderie between friends.
(d) There is wine, ignored tension, and foreboding of what is to come.

14. What is the procedure to cross the border from France into Spain?
(a) The Spanish carabineers empty every bag and check the passport.
(b) The Spanish carabineers do not bother with the bags, but check the passport.
(c) The Spanish carabineers open one bag and look at the passport.
(d) The Spanish carabineers do a full body search on each traveler and check the passport.

15. What does Mike say to Brett after Cohn beats Pedro Romero?
(a) He tells her she should expect trouble if she associates with Jews and bull fighters.
(b) He says that Cohn is out of his mind.
(c) He tells her that he is sorry Romero got hurt.
(d) He asks her to go back to Paris with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jake returns to his room after his fight with Cohn, Bill tells him that Cohn wants to see him. What does Cohn want from Jake?

2. What is the cost for room and board at Jake's hotel in Burguete?

3. What is the name of the bull fighter that Montoya introduces to Jake and Bill?

4. Did Jake and Bill have any luck fishing after their long hike into the valley of the Rio de la Fabrica?

5. What is the mood of Jake, Brett, and Cohn on the day before the fiesta?

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