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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the condition of the countryside in the Basque country?
(a) Dry, infertile land with small thatched huts scattered throughout
(b) Barren, forgettable countryside with small, dirty villages
(c) The land is very rich and green with houses in good, clean condition.
(d) Overdeveloped land with many roads and vehicles

2. What did it mean when the Basque said "Arriba" to Bill and Jake?
(a) Lift it up
(b) Put it down
(c) Stop drinking
(d) Put the cork on

3. What is the reason Brett tells Jake she is a goner?
(a) She is hopelessly in love with Pedro Romero.
(b) She is still in love with Jake.
(c) She finds out she is very sick.
(d) She thinks she drinks too much.

4. What is the name of the religious festival celebrated on July 6?
(a) San Riau
(b) San Pamplona
(c) San Sombra
(d) San Fermin

5. What does Bill tell Jake he should be the minute he gets up in the morning?
(a) Ironical and full of pity
(b) Serious and ready to work
(c) Adamant and angry
(d) Comical and nonchalant

6. When Jake returns to his room after his fight with Cohn, Bill tells him that Cohn wants to see him. What does Cohn want from Jake?
(a) Forgiveness
(b) The whereabouts of Brett
(c) An apology
(d) To continue the fight

7. What is it called when the bulls are let into the corral with the steers?
(a) Desencajonada
(b) Ustedes
(c) Aficionado
(d) Picadores

8. How are the houses in Burguete arranged?
(a) In a circle around the town
(b) In city blocks
(c) Along both sides of the road with no side streets
(d) Along both sides of the road and down side streets

9. Bill mentions that Romero's face looks badly bruised. What is Brett's reply?
(a) That Romero is hurt, but he will be fine
(b) That Romero is badly hurt and should be in bed
(c) That Cohn is to blame.
(d) That it isn't as bad as it looks.

10. What is the term used for the hour after dinner when the pretty girls, officers from the garrison, and the fashionable people walk in the square of Pamplona and the cafes fill up?
(a) The paseo
(b) The aficio
(c) The sombra
(d) The fiesta

11. What is Cohn's response when Bill suggests that he not look at the horses when the bull gores them?
(a) Cohn is worried he might faint at the sight of the horse's blood.
(b) Cohn is afraid he will not be able to look at the dying horses.
(c) Cohn says that he is only worried that he will be bored.
(d) Cohn tells Bill to mind his own business.

12. What keepsake does Romero hand to Brett after he kills the last bull?
(a) The bloody cape
(b) His sword
(c) The bull's severed ear
(d) The bull's severed tongue

13. Jake says that the first meal in Spain is "always a shock". What does the meal consist of?
(a) Spicy beans with hot sauce, spicy vegetables, dried beef
(b) Hors d'oeuvres, an egg course, two meat courses, vegetables, salad, dessert and fruit with wine to wash it down
(c) Poached eggs with cheese sauce, spicy beans, hot vegetable stew
(d) Rolled olive leaves, smoked fish, and spicy vegetables

14. What is the name of the hotel that Jake, Bill and Cohen stay at in Pamplona?
(a) Hotel Bayonne
(b) Hotel Torino
(c) Hotel Montoya
(d) Hotel Basque

15. What does the crowd do to Romero after the bullfights are over?
(a) They leave him alone to be with Brett.
(b) They insult the way he fought the bulls.
(c) They quietly let him pass through the gate.
(d) They lift him on their shoulders and carry him out the gate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bill lectures Jake about being an expatriate. What does he say has ruined Jake?

2. Why were workmen putting up gate-posts that shut off the side streets in Pamplona?

3. When Romero says that he kills his friends, to whom is he referring?

4. How does Jake feel after the fiesta and the bull fighting?

5. While on the bus, Bill and Jake have a conversation with an old man who says that he lived in America forty years ago. Why did he return to Spain?

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