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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do all the passengers sit on top of the bus before it leaves for Baguete?
(a) To get a better view of the town
(b) The inside of the bus is full of packages.
(c) It is such a hot day; they sit on top of the bus and fan themselves.
(d) It is too smelly inside the bus.

2. What is the name of the man who was gored through the back and killed during the bull run?
(a) Montoya
(b) Vincente Girones
(c) Mike Campbell
(d) Pedro Romero

3. What meal is served to Jake and Bill their first night in the hotel?
(a) Fried steak, olives, grapes, wine
(b) Vegetable soup, fried trout, stew, strawberries and wine
(c) Salad, eggs, olives, hot rum
(d) Roast chicken, grapes, boiled vegetables, and wine

4. What is Cohn's reaction when Mike starts toward him from around the table to start a fight over Brett?
(a) Cohn waits proudly and firmly for Mike to assault him. He wants to show he will fight for Brett.
(b) Cohn backs up a few steps, then turns and runs.
(c) Cohn mumbles something and leaves the hotel.
(d) Cohn hides behind Jake, asking him to stop Mike.

5. What does Bill tell Jake he should be the minute he gets up in the morning?
(a) Serious and ready to work
(b) Ironical and full of pity
(c) Comical and nonchalant
(d) Adamant and angry

6. When Jake returns to his room after his fight with Cohn, Bill tells him that Cohn wants to see him. What does Cohn want from Jake?
(a) The whereabouts of Brett
(b) Forgiveness
(c) To continue the fight
(d) An apology

7. How does Mike compare Cohn to a steer?
(a) He says that Robert can be sacrificed like a steer.
(b) He says that Robert is aggressive just like a steer, chasing after Brett.
(c) He says that Robert is always trying to keep the peace like a steer.
(d) He says that like a steer, Robert lives a quiet life, never has to say anything, and hangs around Brett where he is not wanted.

8. How do Jake and Bill stay warm after they finish their evening meal?
(a) They go for a run through the town.
(b) They sit in front of the fireplace.
(c) They go to bed and read.
(d) They put on extra layers of clothing.

9. As Jake, Bill, and Cohen drive across the plain to Pamplona, what is their first view of the town?
(a) The walls of Pamplona rise out of the plain, then a brown cathedral and other churches. The mountains are all around.
(b) Pamplona is obscured by forests on a flat piece of land.
(c) Pamplona's walls lead up to the town which has only a bull ring in its center.
(d) Pamplona is on top of a high mountain with small huts around the perimeter.

10. Where does Jake go after he leaves the archivist's office?
(a) He walks back to the Hotel Montoya and takes a nap.
(b) He goes to the barber and takes a bath.
(c) He walks to the bull-fighting arena, sits in the stands and thinks.
(d) He walks to the cathedral, goes inside and prays.

11. What keepsake does Romero hand to Brett after he kills the last bull?
(a) The bull's severed ear
(b) The bull's severed tongue
(c) His sword
(d) The bloody cape

12. What does the crowd do to Romero after the bullfights are over?
(a) They leave him alone to be with Brett.
(b) They insult the way he fought the bulls.
(c) They quietly let him pass through the gate.
(d) They lift him on their shoulders and carry him out the gate.

13. What is the name of the hotel that Jake, Bill and Cohen stay at in Pamplona?
(a) Hotel Bayonne
(b) Hotel Basque
(c) Hotel Montoya
(d) Hotel Torino

14. What is morality, according to Jake?
(a) Being kind to one another
(b) What they teach in church.
(c) Things that make you disgusted.
(d) Helping your neighbor

15. How does dinner with Brett, Mike, Cohn, and Bill remind Jake of dinners during the war?
(a) There are arguments, hurt feelings, and fear.
(b) There is a feeling that it will be their last dinner together.
(c) There is camaraderie between friends.
(d) There is wine, ignored tension, and foreboding of what is to come.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of artwork is hanging from the walls in Jake's hotel?

2. How does Jake feel after the fiesta and the bull fighting?

3. While on the bus, Bill and Jake have a conversation with an old man who says that he lived in America forty years ago. Why did he return to Spain?

4. What does Bill reveal to Jake after they finish bantering about Henry's bicycle?

5. How is Robert Cohn feeling while he and Jake wait for Brett's train to arrive?

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