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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jake feel after the fiesta and the bull fighting?
(a) Indifferent
(b) Excited
(c) Depressed
(d) Homesick

2. How does Jake feel about Robert Cohn after Brett does not show up on the train?
(a) He thinks Cohn is a good friend and has a pleasant attitude.
(b) He lets bygones be bygones and forgives Cohn for going to San Sebastian with Brett.
(c) Jake is unforgiving and jealous of Cohn. He hates him and wants to hurt him.
(d) He sympathizes with Cohn's disappointment when Brett doesn't show up.

3. What does Bill tell Jake he should be the minute he gets up in the morning?
(a) Adamant and angry
(b) Serious and ready to work
(c) Comical and nonchalant
(d) Ironical and full of pity

4. What is the name of the hotel that Jake, Bill and Cohen stay at in Pamplona?
(a) Hotel Bayonne
(b) Hotel Torino
(c) Hotel Montoya
(d) Hotel Basque

5. Where does Jake go after he leaves the archivist's office?
(a) He walks to the cathedral, goes inside and prays.
(b) He walks back to the Hotel Montoya and takes a nap.
(c) He goes to the barber and takes a bath.
(d) He walks to the bull-fighting arena, sits in the stands and thinks.

6. What is it called when the bulls are let into the corral with the steers?
(a) Aficionado
(b) Picadores
(c) Desencajonada
(d) Ustedes

7. Did Jake and Bill have any luck fishing after their long hike into the valley of the Rio de la Fabrica?
(a) Jake catches six trout but Bill has no luck.
(b) Jake catches six trout and Bill catches four.
(c) They each catch one trout.
(d) They don't get any bites all morning.

8. What item does Pedro Romero give to his sword-handler to bring to Brett who is sitting in the stands?
(a) His gold-brocaded cape
(b) His tri-cornered hat
(c) His leather gloves
(d) His black, silk sash

9. What do Jake, Bill and Cohn decide to do after Jake receives the telegram from Brett says she and Mike stopped in San Sebastian for the night?
(a) They decide to take the noon bus for Burguete.
(b) They decide to go to San Sebastian to meet Brett and Mike.
(c) They decide that Jake and Cohn will go on to Burgete, and Bill will wait for Brett.
(d) They decide to wait until the next day before they go to Burguete.

10. Bill and Jake sit down to eat lunch after fishing and have an amusing conversation about the different men they went to college with. Which men do they mention?
(a) Harris, Henry Ford, Roosevelt, and Wheeler
(b) Bryan, Mencken, Frankie Fritsch, Bishop Manning, and Wayne Wheeler
(c) Bishop Manning, Henry James, Fitzgerald, and Roosevelt
(d) Henry James, Abraham Lincoln, Grant, and Keats

11. What is the mood of Jake, Brett, and Cohn on the day before the fiesta?
(a) They are ill from too much wine the night before.
(b) They feel guilty for the argument the night before.
(c) They are uncomfortable and edgy.
(d) They feel good, healthy and friendly.

12. What fortune does Brett give to Pedro Romero when she reads his palm?
(a) There are thousands of bulls in his life and he will live a long time.
(b) He will live a long life but give up bull fighting.
(c) He will fall in love very soon.
(d) She sees fear in his palm.

13. How are the houses in Burguete arranged?
(a) In city blocks
(b) Along both sides of the road and down side streets
(c) Along both sides of the road with no side streets
(d) In a circle around the town

14. How is Robert Cohn feeling while he and Jake wait for Brett's train to arrive?
(a) He is extremely nervous and eager.
(b) He is feverish and shaky.
(c) He is relaxed and pleasant.
(d) He is nonchalant.

15. How do the spectators react when they feel they are cheated by Belmonte's bull fight?
(a) Turn their backs on him
(b) Sit down in silence
(c) Yell insults and throw food
(d) Refuse to applaud

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the description Jake gives of the town of Bayonne?

2. What is the cost for room and board at Jake's hotel in Burguete?

3. How does Pedro Romero's bull fighting invoke emotion in the crowd?

4. What do Bill and Cohn make a bet over while eating at the Hotel Montoya?

5. Why are Jake and Bill annoyed by the telegram from Cohn that says he will be arriving Thursday?

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