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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jake do when he gets to his office after breakfast?
(a) He reads the French morning papers, smokes and sets to work on the typewriter.
(b) He has a cup of coffee and then decides to go home.
(c) He tries to concentrate on his typing, but can't hold a clear thought.
(d) He sits at his desk, wallowing in self-pity.

2. Where does Brett tell Jake she is going?
(a) San Sebastian
(b) America
(c) Africa
(d) England

3. How did the Count receive the wounds above his ribs?
(a) Grenade
(b) Arrows
(c) Gunshots
(d) Shrapnel

4. Why doesn't Cohn want Jake talking about meeting the American girl in Strasbourg?
(a) Cohn wants to stay in Paris.
(b) Cohn is afraid Jake won't return to Paris.
(c) Cohn is afraid Frances will be angry and jealous.
(d) Cohn doesn't want Jake to get involved with a woman.

5. Why does Krum have a difficult time going out to the Dingo or the Select?
(a) His budget won't allow him to go out much.
(b) He is too tired by the end of the work day.
(c) It's hard getting out with a wife and children.
(d) He has to work nights.

6. When Jake is about to leave the dance-club, what does he give the patronne for Georgette?
(a) A bottle of wine
(b) Fifty francs
(c) A brandy and soda
(d) His address

7. What is Mike Campbell's financial situation?
(a) He is in an undischarged bankruptcy.
(b) He has a small nest egg in the bank.
(c) He is independently wealthy.
(d) He is a self-made millionaire.

8. As Jake lies in bed, what does he start thinking about that keeps him from sleeping?
(a) He thinks about the war injury he received in Italy and about what might have happened to the other men who were with him in the hospital.
(b) He thinks about going on a trip to the bull-fights.
(c) He thinks about all the work he has to do the next day and if he will meet his deadlines.
(d) He thinks about Robert Cohn and South America.

9. Robert Cohn is a Jewish man attending Princeton. How does this make him feel?
(a) Superior and snooty
(b) Outgoing and proud
(c) Inferior and shy
(d) Angry and reclusive

10. What does Brett say she did while in San Sebastian?
(a) She visited all the cafes in the area.
(b) She went sun bathing at the beach.
(c) She never went out and didn't do anything.
(d) She prayed at the Basílica de Santa María del Coro.

11. What words does Mike repeat to describe Brett to Jake and Bill?
(a) A bountiful beauty
(b) A lovely rose
(c) A raving beauty
(d) A lovely piece

12. While eating lunch at Wetzels's, Jake asks Cohn how his writing is progressing. What is Cohn's reply?
(a) He says that all is going well and he is half way through his second book.
(b) He says that he can't seem to get started on his second book and he is worried.
(c) He says that he has decided not to write anymore.
(d) He says that his writing is speeding along and he is on the final chapter.

13. In a letter to Jake, what does Cohn tell Jake he has been doing in Hendaye?
(a) Going on long walks and hunting
(b) Gambling and drinking
(c) Having a quiet time, bathing, golfing, and playing bridge
(d) Bicycling and boating

14. After five years of marriage, three children and spending close to fifty thousand dollars, what does Robert Cohn's rich wife do?
(a) She announces that she is pregnant again.
(b) She tells him she would like to get a job.
(c) She leaves him for a painter of miniatures.
(d) She gives him a surprise anniversary party.

15. What does Jake do to pass the time while he waits for Brett to meet him at the Hotel Crillon?
(a) He writes letters on the hotel stationary.
(b) He has a glass of wine and watches people passing by.
(c) He reads the Bible in the lounge.
(d) He works on an article he is writing for the paper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Robert Cohn falls asleep in Jakes office and talks in his sleep. What does he say?

2. When Brett doesn't show up at the Hotel Crillon, Jake takes a cab to the Select. Who asks him to sit down when he arrives?

3. What does Jake do to pass the time while Brett and Robert Cohn are out of town?

4. Who does Brett leave the dance-club with?

5. Georgette asks Jake what is wrong with him, since he doesn't want her to touch him. What does he reply?

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