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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jake do to pass the time while Brett and Robert Cohn are out of town?
(a) He works, goes to the races, dines with friends and puts extra time in at the office.
(b) He begins writing his first novel.
(c) He drinks too much and pines over Brett.
(d) He mopes around, feeling sorry for himself.

2. There are seven cars on the train full of Catholic Americans from Dayton, Ohio. Where are they headed?
(a) They are planning a fishing trip.
(b) They are on a pilgrimage to Rome, Biarritz, and Lourdes.
(c) They are touring the basilicas in Spain.
(d) They are going to the bull-fights in Spain.

3. When Jake is about to leave the dance-club, what does he give the patronne for Georgette?
(a) A brandy and soda
(b) Fifty francs
(c) His address
(d) A bottle of wine

4. Why is Frances saying terrible, sarcastic comments to Cohn in front of Jake at the café?
(a) Frances feels Cohn is too possessive of her.
(b) Frances is annoyed that Cohn will not let her go to England to visit friends.
(c) Frances resents the fact that Cohn gave her 200 pounds to go back to England and stay with friends.
(d) Frances is angry that Cohn made most of the wedding plans without her.

5. Jake meets Brett and Mike at the Dingo and Mike is a bit drunk. What does Mike ask Jake at the time?
(a) He asks if Cohn is in love with Brett.
(b) He asks if Jake is still in love with Brett.
(c) He asks if he and Brett can go to Pamplona with Jake and Bill.
(d) He asks if he said anything embarrassing the night before.

6. What happens to Robert Cohn when his instructor, Spider Kelly overmatches him?
(a) He wins on a TKO.
(b) He breaks his hand.
(c) He gets his nose flattened.
(d) He is knocked out.

7. As Frances continues her tirade against Cohn, what does she think is the real reason why he won't marry her?
(a) He wouldn't be able to hang out in the cafes as much.
(b) He feels he is not good enough for her.
(c) It would be romantic to say that he had a mistress for two years.
(d) His children would be hurt by the marriage.

8. What are the two pieces of mail that Jakes picks up from the concierge when he returns to his flat?
(a) A letter from his brother in America and a bank statement
(b) A bank statement and a wedding invitation
(c) A postcard from an army buddy and a letter from his sister
(d) A college commencement invitation and a letter from Brett

9. Why does Krum have a difficult time going out to the Dingo or the Select?
(a) He is too tired by the end of the work day.
(b) It's hard getting out with a wife and children.
(c) He has to work nights.
(d) His budget won't allow him to go out much.

10. Where do Brett and Jake decide to go after leaving the dance-club?
(a) Just driving around
(b) To Brett's place
(c) To a show
(d) To Jake's place

11. Why does Frances tell Robert not to have scenes with his young ladies?
(a) He will turn his readers against him.
(b) He will upset the ladies so much, they will cry.
(c) He will be seen as a hard-hearted writer.
(d) He will cry and not be able to remember what was said.

12. Who does Jake share a taxi with after the press conference at Quai d'Orsay?
(a) Braddocks and Cohn
(b) Cohn and Brett
(c) Woolsey and Krum
(d) Brett and Georgette

13. Robert Cohn offers to pay Jake's expenses if he will go to what __place with him?
(a) Amsterdam
(b) Africa
(c) South America
(d) Spain

14. Where do the Count, Brett, and Jake go after they finish dinner in the restaurant?
(a) They go for a stroll in the park.
(b) They go for a tour of Paris in a horse-cab.
(c) They go dancing at Zelli's.
(d) They go to the Count's hotel room for champagne.

15. Jake tells Brett that he loves her so much and makes a suggestion to her. What is the suggestion?
(a) That they get married
(b) That they avoid each other
(c) That they see other people
(d) That they live together

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the two friends Robert Cohn has during his three years in Europe?

2. Where does Jake tell Cohn that he met Brett?

3. Why doesn't Cohn want Jake talking about meeting the American girl in Strasbourg?

4. Who does Brett's friend, Zizi, introduce her to when she and Jake go into the Café Select?

5. How does Mike feel about missing the fight and staying with Brett for the evening?

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