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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the two pieces of mail that Jakes picks up from the concierge when he returns to his flat?
(a) A bank statement and a wedding invitation
(b) A college commencement invitation and a letter from Brett
(c) A letter from his brother in America and a bank statement
(d) A postcard from an army buddy and a letter from his sister

2. Jake tells Brett that he loves her so much and makes a suggestion to her. What is the suggestion?
(a) That they get married
(b) That they live together
(c) That they avoid each other
(d) That they see other people

3. How does Mike feel about missing the fight and staying with Brett for the evening?
(a) He's disappointed but tries not to show it.
(b) He's angry.
(c) He's very excited.
(d) He resigns himself to the fact that he will miss the fight.

4. What words does Mike repeat to describe Brett to Jake and Bill?
(a) A lovely rose
(b) A lovely piece
(c) A raving beauty
(d) A bountiful beauty

5. Jake, Bill and their traveling companions in the train compartment talk about fishing trips. What comment does the American wife make about men?
(a) She says that most men are self-disciplined and decent.
(b) She says that only a few men get drunk on a regular basis.
(c) She says that most men voted for prohibition.
(d) She implies that men get out of control if there is liquor around.

6. Why does Jake ask Georgette, the prostitute, to have dinner with him?
(a) He feels sorry for her and hopes to talk her into a different lifestyle.
(b) He hopes it will lead to a more intimate time later in the evening.
(c) He thinks it would be nice to eat with someone.
(d) He thinks she looks down and out and could use a good meal.

7. Who are the two friends Robert Cohn has during his three years in Europe?
(a) Spider Kelly and Frances
(b) Spider Kelly and Braddocks
(c) Braddocks and Jake
(d) Jake and Spider Kelly

8. What is Mike Campbell's financial situation?
(a) He has a small nest egg in the bank.
(b) He is independently wealthy.
(c) He is a self-made millionaire.
(d) He is in an undischarged bankruptcy.

9. What did Frances say that Robert did to his secretary at Frances' request?
(a) He mentioned her in his first novel.
(b) He gave her an increase in pay.
(c) He got rid of her to please Frances.
(d) He promoted her to an editorial position.

10. Bill Gorton says that Vienna "is a strange city". What city does he compare it to?
(a) Rome
(b) Barcelona
(c) Paris
(d) New York

11. Why does Robert Cohn go to America after three years in Europe?
(a) He wants to see his children.
(b) His novel is accepted at a publishing company in America.
(c) He goes to visit his mother.
(d) He teaches a literary class at Princeton.

12. When Robert Cohn returns to Paris from America, he is a changed man. In what way does he change?
(a) He knows he is deeply in love with Frances.
(b) He wants to elope with Frances immediately.
(c) He withdraws into himself, rarely going out.
(d) He is not so simple or so nice, and not as pleasant to have around.

13. Why does Jake think of Cohn as Moses seeing the Promised Land for the first time while they are having a drink together at the dance?
(a) Cohn is expectantly hoping for a night with Georgette.
(b) Cohn is in awe of the night life in Paris.
(c) Cohn is eagerly looking at Lady Brett, hoping for a dance.
(d) Cohn is looking with adoration at his fiancée, Frances.

14. Robert Cohn falls asleep in Jakes office and talks in his sleep. What does he say?
(a) He says that he doesn't want it to happen to him.
(b) He says that he can't do it. Nothing will make him do it.
(c) He says that his life is passing him by. He's losing his way.
(d) He says that he has to go to South America. He just has to.

15. What is the financial status of Robert Cohn's parents who reside in New York?
(a) They are unemployed with a bleak future.
(b) They are one of the richest Jewish, New York families.
(c) They are low income, struggling to survive.
(d) They are middle class working people.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jake runs into some of his friends while eating at the restaurant with Georgette. Where does Braddocks ask Jake and Georgette to go?

2. Jake meets Brett and Mike at the Dingo and Mike is a bit drunk. What does Mike ask Jake at the time?

3. How does Jake describe being in love to Brett?

4. How does Jake introduce Georgette to his friends when they meet at the restaurant?

5. What does Jake do to pass the time while he waits for Brett to meet him at the Hotel Crillon?

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