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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mike Campbell's financial situation?
(a) He is in an undischarged bankruptcy.
(b) He has a small nest egg in the bank.
(c) He is independently wealthy.
(d) He is a self-made millionaire.

2. How is Brett feeling when Jake says goodbye to her at her hotel?
(a) She is miserable and says she will not see Jake again.
(b) She is indifferent to Jake.
(c) She is happy and looking forward to her wedding to Michael.
(d) She is excited about leaving Jake and getting on with her life.

3. What advice does Jake give to Robert Cohn when they go to the café below Jakes office?
(a) Don't waste your life staying in one place.
(b) Live your life now because you will be dead in thirty years.
(c) You can't get away from yourself by traveling from place to place.
(d) Traveling is a great way to get away from your problems.

4. What does Jake read after putting on his pajamas and getting into bed?
(a) He reads the New York Times which he has delivered to him from America.
(b) He reads
(c) He reads the Paris daily newspaper.
(d) He reads a few pages of a novel, hoping it will put him to sleep.

5. Robert Cohn offers to pay Jake's expenses if he will go to what __place with him?
(a) Africa
(b) South America
(c) Amsterdam
(d) Spain

6. Who does Brett's friend, Zizi, introduce her to when she and Jake go into the Café Select?
(a) Aloysius Kirby
(b) Marshal Ney
(c) Robert Cohn
(d) Count Mippipopolous

7. How did the Count receive the wounds above his ribs?
(a) Grenade
(b) Arrows
(c) Gunshots
(d) Shrapnel

8. What does Jake ask himself as he leaves Frances and Cohn in the café?
(a) He wonders why Cohn allows Frances to talk to him in such an insulting manner and why he doesn't do something to stop her.
(b) He wonders how Cohn could be such an uncaring human being.
(c) He wonders why Frances ever stayed with Cohn as long as she did.
(d) He wonders if Frances would like to go out with him now that Cohen was out of the picture.

9. Robert Cohen changes his lifestyle after reading "The Purple Land" by W. H. Hudson. What is the theme of this novel?
(a) The financial and personal success of an entrepreneur in Europe
(b) How to become a magnet for wealth and success
(c) The religious rebirth of an American boxer
(d) The imaginary, amorous adventures of an Englishman in a romantic land

10. Bill is so annoyed about eating lunch at quarter past four that he stops a priest who is coming back from lunch. What comment does he make to the priest?
(a) He inquires about the quality of the food and if there is any left.
(b) He wants to know when the Protestants get to eat and it makes him want to join the Klan.
(c) He asks if all the Catholics enjoyed making everyone else on the train wait for lunch.
(d) He asks if the next time, the Catholics can be the last to be served.

11. How does Jake describe being in love to Brett?
(a) He thinks love is
(b) He believes love if not what the poets says it is.
(c) He says that being in love is fun and an enjoyable feeling.
(d) He thinks love is for the birds.

12. What does Jake do to pass the time while he waits for Brett to meet him at the Hotel Crillon?
(a) He writes letters on the hotel stationary.
(b) He reads the Bible in the lounge.
(c) He works on an article he is writing for the paper.
(d) He has a glass of wine and watches people passing by.

13. What advice do people offer Jake about his war injury that he resents so much?
(a) They tell him not to think about it.
(b) They tell him it is not important and he shouldn't worry about it.
(c) They tell him he is lucky; it could have been worse.
(d) They say it is better than getting killed.

14. A forceful woman, Frances, hopes to gain success working with Robert Cohn on the magazine. She urges him to go to Europe with her when the magazine shuts down. What else did she want from him?
(a) Children
(b) Money
(c) Marriage
(d) A partnership in a new magazine

15. After five years of marriage, three children and spending close to fifty thousand dollars, what does Robert Cohn's rich wife do?
(a) She tells him she would like to get a job.
(b) She leaves him for a painter of miniatures.
(c) She announces that she is pregnant again.
(d) She gives him a surprise anniversary party.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jake think of Cohn as Moses seeing the Promised Land for the first time while they are having a drink together at the dance?

2. Jake, Bill and their traveling companions in the train compartment talk about fishing trips. What comment does the American wife make about men?

3. After graduating from Princeton, Robert Cohn is bitter and self-conscious. What is one of the first things he does?

4. What words does Mike repeat to describe Brett to Jake and Bill?

5. Why doesn't Cohn want Jake talking about meeting the American girl in Strasbourg?

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