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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Georgette asks Jake what is wrong with him, since he doesn't want her to touch him. What does he reply?
(a) He had too much to drink.
(b) He is afraid of catching something from her.
(c) He was hurt in the war.
(d) He has a girlfriend.

2. What happens to Bill Gorton during his stay in Vienna?
(a) Bill has a wonderful trip full of pleasant memories.
(b) Bill wins a large sum of money betting on a prize-fight.
(c) Bill is drunk for four days in Vienna and doesn't remember much about the trip.
(d) Bill is mugged while drunk in Vienna.

3. What are the two ideas Robert Cohn gets from W. H. Hudson's novel, "The Purple Land"?
(a) Everyone needs many children and live through your children.
(b) Going to see bull-fighters will spice up his life and getting married is necessary for a man.
(c) South America will help him live life and he doesn't like Paris.
(d) Dating many women is the thing to do and writing a novel is fulfilling.

4. While on the bus, Bill and Jake have a conversation with an old man who says that he lived in America forty years ago. Why did he return to Spain?
(a) He was broke.
(b) He missed his homeland.
(c) To attend his mother's funeral
(d) To get married

5. Jake feels he did not give an accurate picture of Robert Cohn. What does he add to his description of Cohn?
(a) Cohn is a conceited, self-centered man who is a sore loser at tennis.
(b) Cohn insults other people constantly, looking for ways to start arguments.
(c) Cohn is an excellent tennis player with a good, athletic body. He is nice to other people, cheerful and didn't get angry when beaten in tennis.
(d) Cohn is superficial, only caring about what he wears and how he looks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Jake when he suggests he and Cohn go to Strasbourg for the weekend to meet a girl he knows there?

2. How is Robert Cohn feeling while he and Jake wait for Brett's train to arrive?

3. What does Bill reveal to Jake after they finish bantering about Henry's bicycle?

4. What does Cohn decide when Brett sends him a letter saying he doesn't have to go on the trip to Spain with them?

5. When Robert Cohn returns to Paris from America, he is a changed man. In what way does he change?

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