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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jake think Robert Cohn gets his dislike of Paris?
(a) From negative experiences he has had
(b) From Fances's bad attitude toward Paris
(c) From the opinionated writings of Mencken
(d) From cultural discussions with Braddocks

2. How does Pedro Romero's bull fighting invoke emotion in the crowd?
(a) He keeps the purity of line in his movements, letting the bull's horns pass closely by him.
(b) He corkscrews his body and leans away from the bull as it runs by.
(c) He uses many tricks to make it look like he is in danger.
(d) He loudly cheers each time the bull passes him.

3. How does Jake justify the insulting things he says?
(a) He says that he had a rough night and isn't thinking straight.
(b) He explains that he has a nasty tongue but he doesn't mean what he says.
(c) He blames his attitude on his war injury.
(d) He says that he is only telling the truth.

4. When Romero says that he kills his friends, to whom is he referring?
(a) The picadores
(b) The bulls
(c) Some of his old class mates
(d) The other bull fighters

5. What do Jake, Bill and Cohn decide to do after Jake receives the telegram from Brett says she and Mike stopped in San Sebastian for the night?
(a) They decide that Jake and Cohn will go on to Burgete, and Bill will wait for Brett.
(b) They decide to go to San Sebastian to meet Brett and Mike.
(c) They decide to take the noon bus for Burguete.
(d) They decide to wait until the next day before they go to Burguete.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bill tell Jake he should be the minute he gets up in the morning?

2. What is Harvey's opinion of Robert Cohn?

3. Why doesn't Jake eat at Madame Lecomte's restaurant very often?

4. What are the two pieces of mail that Jakes picks up from the concierge when he returns to his flat?

5. Who asks Jake to lunch after he gets back to the office?

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