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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Count, Brett, and Jake go after they finish dinner in the restaurant?
(a) They go for a tour of Paris in a horse-cab.
(b) They go dancing at Zelli's.
(c) They go for a stroll in the park.
(d) They go to the Count's hotel room for champagne.

2. How does dinner with Brett, Mike, Cohn, and Bill remind Jake of dinners during the war?
(a) There are arguments, hurt feelings, and fear.
(b) There is camaraderie between friends.
(c) There is wine, ignored tension, and foreboding of what is to come.
(d) There is a feeling that it will be their last dinner together.

3. How does Jake feel about Robert Cohn after Brett does not show up on the train?
(a) He sympathizes with Cohn's disappointment when Brett doesn't show up.
(b) He thinks Cohn is a good friend and has a pleasant attitude.
(c) Jake is unforgiving and jealous of Cohn. He hates him and wants to hurt him.
(d) He lets bygones be bygones and forgives Cohn for going to San Sebastian with Brett.

4. What do Bill and Cohn make a bet over while eating at the Hotel Montoya?
(a) Cohn bets Bill that he will not last to the end of the brutal bull fights.
(b) Cohn bets Bill one hundred pesetas that Brett and Mike will show up the next day.
(c) Bill bets Cohn fifty pesetas that Brett and Mike arrive that evening. Cohen says that they won't come.
(d) Cohn bets Bill that he will not be able to finish all the courses of the Spanish meal.

5. How does Jake react when Brett tells him she was in San Sebastian with Cohn?
(a) He is nasty and sarcastic.
(b) He is indifferent to the whole situation.
(c) He tells Brett she cannot go to Pamplona.
(d) His eyes tear up and his lip trembles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bill and Jake sit down to eat lunch after fishing and have an amusing conversation about the different men they went to college with. Which men do they mention?

2. What is the reason Brett tells Jake she is a goner?

3. Who has a cab waiting for Jake and Bill as they get off the train?

4. Where does Jake think Robert Cohn gets his dislike of Paris?

5. What did a Basque offer to Jake and Bill as they waited in the heat for the bus to leave for Burguete?

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