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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Jake, Bill, and Cohen drive across the plain to Pamplona, what is their first view of the town?
(a) Pamplona is obscured by forests on a flat piece of land.
(b) The walls of Pamplona rise out of the plain, then a brown cathedral and other churches. The mountains are all around.
(c) Pamplona's walls lead up to the town which has only a bull ring in its center.
(d) Pamplona is on top of a high mountain with small huts around the perimeter.

2. Why is Robert Cohn so anxious to go to South America with Jake?
(a) He wants to buy a vacation home there for Frances.
(b) He wants to inquire into investing in coffee beans.
(c) He wants to research the area before taking Frances there.
(d) He is afraid his life is moving too fast and he is not really living it.

3. Why does Frances tell Robert not to have scenes with his young ladies?
(a) He will cry and not be able to remember what was said.
(b) He will upset the ladies so much, they will cry.
(c) He will turn his readers against him.
(d) He will be seen as a hard-hearted writer.

4. Robert Cohn falls asleep in Jakes office and talks in his sleep. What does he say?
(a) He says that he has to go to South America. He just has to.
(b) He says that his life is passing him by. He's losing his way.
(c) He says that he doesn't want it to happen to him.
(d) He says that he can't do it. Nothing will make him do it.

5. What are Jake and Bill Gorton planning to do during their trip to Spain?
(a) Do some fishing and go to the festival in Pamplona
(b) Tour the Basque country and relax in Barcelona
(c) See an opera and do some fishing
(d) Visit the vineyards in Pamplona

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jake think Robert Cohn gets his dislike of Paris?

2. Who does Jake say are the only people who live their lives to the fullest?

3. While on the bus, Bill and Jake have a conversation with an old man who says that he lived in America forty years ago. Why did he return to Spain?

4. While eating lunch at Wetzels's, Jake asks Cohn how his writing is progressing. What is Cohn's reply?

5. What is the view Jake and Bill have from the train as they pass through Landes?

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