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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cohn tell Jake after Jake apologizes for telling him to go to hell?
(a) He insults Jake, saying that he is not worth the trouble.
(b) He tells Jake that he is the best friend he has.
(c) He tells Jake that he doesn't want to see him again.
(d) He threatens Jake and tells him to watch his tongue.

2. What does Jake do to pass the time while he waits for Brett to meet him at the Hotel Crillon?
(a) He has a glass of wine and watches people passing by.
(b) He writes letters on the hotel stationary.
(c) He works on an article he is writing for the paper.
(d) He reads the Bible in the lounge.

3. What is Harvey's opinion of Robert Cohn?
(a) He is a trustworthy friend.
(b) He is a wonderful novelist.
(c) He is a witty, humorous man.
(d) He is a moron.

4. What does Bill tell Jake he should be the minute he gets up in the morning?
(a) Comical and nonchalant
(b) Adamant and angry
(c) Serious and ready to work
(d) Ironical and full of pity

5. Where do Brett and Jake decide to go after leaving the dance-club?
(a) To Brett's place
(b) To Jake's place
(c) Just driving around
(d) To a show

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Robert Cohn go to America after three years in Europe?

2. What is the cost for room and board at Jake's hotel in Burguete?

3. Where does Brett tell Jake she is going?

4. A forceful woman, Frances, hopes to gain success working with Robert Cohn on the magazine. She urges him to go to Europe with her when the magazine shuts down. What else did she want from him?

5. What does Bill tell Jake the secret to success is?

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