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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bill Gorton says that Vienna "is a strange city". What city does he compare it to?
(a) New York
(b) Rome
(c) Paris
(d) Barcelona

2. Why does Jake give Harvey some money?
(a) Jake wants him to use the money to find a flat.
(b) Harvey hasn't eaten in five days, wants to be alone and doesn't care if he eats.
(c) Jake wants Harvey to place a bet for him with his bookie.
(d) Harvey has been threatened by debt collectors.

3. Where do the Count, Brett, and Jake go after they finish dinner in the restaurant?
(a) They go for a stroll in the park.
(b) They go for a tour of Paris in a horse-cab.
(c) They go to the Count's hotel room for champagne.
(d) They go dancing at Zelli's.

4. What does Bill reveal to Jake after they finish bantering about Henry's bicycle?
(a) He says that Jake is too sensitive.
(b) He says that Jake is a good guy and Bill is fonder of him than anyone else.
(c) He says that Jake needs to stop being such a whiner.
(d) He says that Jake is more annoying than anyone else he knows.

5. Who do Bill and Jake see in a taxi as they are walking down the street to a restaurant?
(a) Harvey Stone
(b) Mike Campbell
(c) Lady Brett Ashley
(d) Robert Cohn

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cohn decide when Brett sends him a letter saying he doesn't have to go on the trip to Spain with them?

2. Why does Frances tell Robert not to have scenes with his young ladies?

3. Why does Krum have a difficult time going out to the Dingo or the Select?

4. In a letter to Jake, what does Cohn tell Jake he has been doing in Hendaye?

5. How is Brett feeling when Jake says goodbye to her at her hotel?

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