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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What words does Mike repeat to describe Brett to Jake and Bill?
(a) A raving beauty
(b) A lovely rose
(c) A lovely piece
(d) A bountiful beauty

2. Why doesn't Jake eat at Madame Lecomte's restaurant very often?
(a) He had an argument with the owner.
(b) He doesn't care for the menu.
(c) Too many of his fellow Americans go there
(d) He prefers eating at home.

3. In a letter to Jake, what does Cohn tell Jake he has been doing in Hendaye?
(a) Going on long walks and hunting
(b) Bicycling and boating
(c) Having a quiet time, bathing, golfing, and playing bridge
(d) Gambling and drinking

4. Bill is so annoyed about eating lunch at quarter past four that he stops a priest who is coming back from lunch. What comment does he make to the priest?
(a) He wants to know when the Protestants get to eat and it makes him want to join the Klan.
(b) He asks if the next time, the Catholics can be the last to be served.
(c) He inquires about the quality of the food and if there is any left.
(d) He asks if all the Catholics enjoyed making everyone else on the train wait for lunch.

5. Bill Gorton says that Vienna "is a strange city". What city does he compare it to?
(a) Rome
(b) Barcelona
(c) Paris
(d) New York

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Cohn want Jake talking about meeting the American girl in Strasbourg?

2. What is Brett's response when the Count asks her to go to Biarritz, Cannes, or Monte Carlo?

3. What advice does Jake give to Robert Cohn when they go to the café below Jakes office?

4. What is Brett's formal title?

5. Where was the Count when he received his wounds?

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