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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Jake and Bill Gorton planning to do during their trip to Spain?
(a) Tour the Basque country and relax in Barcelona
(b) Do some fishing and go to the festival in Pamplona
(c) Visit the vineyards in Pamplona
(d) See an opera and do some fishing

2. What does Jake tell Cohn about Brett when he inquires about her?
(a) She is not worth the time of day. Stay away from her.
(b) She will hurt you if you try to get close.
(c) He doesn't have anything to say about her. He doesn't want to discuss it.
(d) She's nice and her name is Lady Ashley. She is getting a divorce, so she can marry someone named Mike Campbell.

3. What is Brett's reaction when Jake kisses her in the taxi?
(a) She acts pleasantly surprised.
(b) She pushes closer to Jake, putting her arms around him.
(c) She asks him to kiss her again.
(d) She moves to the corner of the seat, far away from Jake and puts her head down.

4. What is the financial status of Robert Cohn's parents who reside in New York?
(a) They are middle class working people.
(b) They are unemployed with a bleak future.
(c) They are one of the richest Jewish, New York families.
(d) They are low income, struggling to survive.

5. What did Frances say that Robert did to his secretary at Frances' request?
(a) He promoted her to an editorial position.
(b) He gave her an increase in pay.
(c) He mentioned her in his first novel.
(d) He got rid of her to please Frances.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Brett tell Jake she is going?

2. How did Robert Cohn spend his time while in Europe with Frances?

3. How is Brett feeling when Jake says goodbye to her at her hotel?

4. Why doesn't Jake eat at Madame Lecomte's restaurant very often?

5. After his miserable night crying over Brett, Jake walks down the Boulevard to the rue Soufflot for breakfast. What is his frame of mind?

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