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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Harvey's opinion of Robert Cohn?
(a) He is a trustworthy friend.
(b) He is a moron.
(c) He is a witty, humorous man.
(d) He is a wonderful novelist.

2. Robert Cohn offers to pay Jake's expenses if he will go to what __place with him?
(a) Amsterdam
(b) South America
(c) Africa
(d) Spain

3. Jake feels he did not give an accurate picture of Robert Cohn. What does he add to his description of Cohn?
(a) Cohn is superficial, only caring about what he wears and how he looks.
(b) Cohn insults other people constantly, looking for ways to start arguments.
(c) Cohn is an excellent tennis player with a good, athletic body. He is nice to other people, cheerful and didn't get angry when beaten in tennis.
(d) Cohn is a conceited, self-centered man who is a sore loser at tennis.

4. Jake and Cohn get into an argument during lunch. What is the argument about?
(a) Cohn is angry that Jake insults Brett by saying she married someone she didn't love, twice. Jake also tells him to go to hell.
(b) Cohn is insulted when Jake tells him to leave Frances because she is no good for him.
(c) Jake is sick and tired of hearing about South America, telling Cohn to drop the subject.
(d) Jake is furious when Cohn makes a joke about his war injury.

5. What is the financial status of Robert Cohn's parents who reside in New York?
(a) They are unemployed with a bleak future.
(b) They are low income, struggling to survive.
(c) They are middle class working people.
(d) They are one of the richest Jewish, New York families.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Jake when he suggests he and Cohn go to Strasbourg for the weekend to meet a girl he knows there?

2. What are the two pieces of mail that Jakes picks up from the concierge when he returns to his flat?

3. Jake runs into some of his friends while eating at the restaurant with Georgette. Where does Braddocks ask Jake and Georgette to go?

4. What happens to Robert Cohn when his instructor, Spider Kelly overmatches him?

5. Robert Cohn is a Jewish man attending Princeton. How does this make him feel?

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